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    Is this tank too big for leopard gecko?

    size of the tank is about 40 gallon. I moved him about monthe ago, and he is doing well. However evrytime I come to feed him, he takes that opportunity to escape the tank and climbs to my head (everytime). Is it possible for the tank to be too big (water, calcium, heatpad, hiding spot, half...
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    What morph is this

    Oh ok thank you very much. I found him at state park in ma. I was fishing and i just saw this little guy roaming around by himself.
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    Hi there, what's the best live plants to with a gargoyle gecko?

    It all depends on the size of terrarium. Most common plants for small terrarium are forest moss, air plants, and pothos vine. However, if you have a tank that's bigger than 30 gallon, than you can grow codiaeum variegatum or chinese money tree.
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    Leopard Gecko not eating

    When my leopard geckos do not eat, I usually eat little reptile jelly infront of them. It usually frightens them enough to eat food.
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    What morph is this

    I found him last month around ma forest. He was foggy white color when i found him, but soon he changed his color to this (attatched photo). What kind of morph is this?
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    Leopard gecko so slow