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  1. DoubleZ

    Available in July Two 40gal breeders

    Brighton, MA I am going to be moving at the end of July and I will be getting rid of my two 40gal breeder tanks. One has a sliding screen top with good bit of wear and the other has a lift off screen top. I also have a large hood, with space 3 bulbs, a small hood, three dome lamps, and...
  2. DoubleZ

    To Ship or Not to Ship

    In July I will be moving from MA to TX. I have two leopard geckos and one mali uromastyx that will be moving with me. I'm trying to decide whether or not I should ship them or bring them in the car. My reservations about the car is that it's going to be at least 3 days. However, I'll have...
  3. DoubleZ


    My mom wants me to "entertain the thought of getting rid of one set of lizards". She doesn't like having "all the tanks". There's 2 fish tanks, which I may combine plus one comes to school with me, my gecko tank, and my uro tank. That's it. And the herps usually leave for a whole semester at...
  4. DoubleZ


    I've got a ten gallon tank that I recently refurnished. Natural colored stones, one large piece of driftwood, and large orange rock. Currently it's housing a male betta, 2 pygmy corydoras, a honey gourami, and a dwarf gourami. The betta displayed some territorial behavior at first, flaring...
  5. DoubleZ

    Mali Uromastyx Eggs!

    So my girl laid these yesterday and since she was being babysat while I'm in school I had to drive out to go them. It was a crazy trip and they didn't get into an incubator till midnight (11 hours after being laid) and the incubator I have is a ghetto thing I built in my dorm room, but so far...
  6. DoubleZ

    You Couldn't Wait 2 weeks

    Today, 2 weeks before I finish school and go get my critters, my female uro decides it's a great time to start laying eggs. She's done this before with zero complications, all the eggs were infertile, but I feel bad for freaking out the girl watching them and that I can't be there to make sure...
  7. DoubleZ

    Help With Class, 5 quick Questions

    Assignment is done
  8. DoubleZ

    Critters and College

    I am having the hardest time figuring out what to do with my critters while I'm at school. The first girl who watched them got pregnant. Tried a guy from a local petstore, that didn't end well. The critters were miserable, wouldn't eat, and their lights kept getting moved around. Then I had...
  9. DoubleZ

    Uromastyx X-Rays

    Here's a couple X-rays of my female mali uromastyx from a while back. All the eggs were infertile, but guess how many she had in her when this was taken. She had laid 2 the day before the x-rays were taken.
  10. DoubleZ


    Anyone know someone/somewhere that boards reptiles near Exeter, NH. I had mine with someone who's knowledgable and who I thought would do a good job. I visited today and my leos are severely underweight and probably dehydrated. I need to get them out of there asap. They can come for a few...
  11. DoubleZ

    Eastern Red Spotted Newts!

    The past few years I haven't seen too many of the little guys. This year is much better. I've seen quite a few this past month or so, I saw 5 today alone.
  12. DoubleZ

    Need a Temporary Home

    I'm a student at UNH and I'm looking for someone to take my herps for the school year in the fall. I will take them back for winter break and over the summers. I love my babies and I don't want to get rid of them, I just can't keep them in a dorm and no one in my family can/will care for them...
  13. DoubleZ

    1.5 Gal

    I have a 1.5 gallon tank that up until the other day housed my betta. I recently lost him due to dropsy and am thinking that once I'm home again I might get another critter. The tank has a filter, heater, sand substrate, a japanese moss ball, two pieces of driftwood, and some java moss. i was...
  14. DoubleZ

    RIP Ferdinand

    Today Ferdinand the betta was lost to dropsy. I feel awful. Maybe he would have lived if I had caught it earlier, if I had been able to get him the medication. He was my little buddy and I let him down.
  15. DoubleZ


    Anyone going to the show in Manchester, NH next week? I need company/some to make sure I don't buy anything. lol
  16. DoubleZ


    I've been keeping my uros's temps up and feeding them normally to avoid brumation. When I cam back from the mall today there were 4 infertile eggs in the tank. Two buried, one half buried, and the other in the food bowl. I know they were infertile but I still feel bad, especially cause one...
  17. DoubleZ


    Gave the little ones some hibiscus for the first time today.
  18. DoubleZ

    Tail loss

    How common is tail loss in cresties? I feel like I've seen a few without tails, much more than leos.
  19. DoubleZ


    How are they as a first snake? I'm looking for something small and I was thinking a sand boa or a Cali King. I've handled both and liked them.
  20. DoubleZ

    Small snake?

    Ok, I like snakes but as I had pet rats the idea of them as feeders bothers me a bit. Are there any snakes that are fine with just mice?