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  1. sunfighter

    Wild Type

    It will be a couple of months before I'm ready to buy, but I'm looking around and it seems that old fashioned wild type Leopards are pretty scarce. Not surprising really.
  2. sunfighter


    I've had my MistKing for 9 months now and still haven't managed to program it. I work on it for an hour or two and give up, come back to it in a couple of months, repeat. I've watched a bunch of youtube videos but they all seem to start in the middle.
  3. sunfighter

    P. grandis

    I finally got my Phelsuma grandis about a month ago and thought I'd share a photo of the setup now that it's grown in a bit. I wish I could clean the glass better. Before I put anything in there, I tried everything from vinegar to CLR. It's not really as bad as it looks in the picture.
  4. sunfighter

    Resurection Fern

    does anyone use Resurection Ferns in their vivarium?
  5. sunfighter

    Gecko Diet

    I see that Repashy and Pangea both offer Gecko diets with insects. Has anyone tried them? I like Pangea, bit it's not my opinion that matters. Do Geckos like it?
  6. sunfighter


    I'm setting up a 90 gallon rain forest vivarium. I've ordered a Mist king system. But I really don't know how often or how long I should run it. How do other people do it?
  7. sunfighter


    I'm choosing a UVB souirce for my 48" rainforest vivarium to house either Giant Day Geckos or Gold Dust. I've settled on Arcadia fluorescents, but I'm unsure about the appropriate output. Right now I'm thinking that I'll go with the 14% Desert, the highest output and most expensive. The...
  8. sunfighter


    I'm planning the background for my new vivarium and I've thought about putting mirrors on the ends to reflect light back into the enclosure. It might look weird and maybe not even be helpful. I'm wondering if a male gecko would react to his reflection.
  9. sunfighter

    Enough room?

    I'm in the process of setting up a rain forest vivarium in a po gal. aquarium 48x18x24. I wonder if there is room enough in there for 2 pairs of Gold Dust Geckos. I know that males are very territorial, but an enclosure that size with a lot of plant cover might let them stay out of each...
  10. sunfighter

    Glass vs. Screen

    I'm designing a rain forest vivarium using a 48x18x24 aquarium. I've been thinking that I would need my glass canopy to keep the humidity up, but I've read about people using screen tops. This would be better for UVB, but can you keep it humid in there? Most of my experience has been with...
  11. sunfighter


    Hello. I am a retired chemical lab technician with over 50 years of experience breeding tropical fish and who has dabbled in keeping (but not breeding) herps all my life. Maintaining 50 tanks finally got to be more work than fun, so I've scaled back to one display tank and two large tanks that...