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    Question about tail dropping

    Hey! So we rescued a little boy today from his crappy old home and he had already dropped his tail. I've never seen a dropped tail on a crestie before so I was wondering if you guys thought this looked alright or if I should treat it with something?
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    Fake flowers in a habitat

    Do you think it would be safe to put some silk or plastic flowers in a Beardie home? He's not really prone to eating scenery but I was hoping to get some opinions.
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    Stinky baby?

    My beardie kind of smells :/. If I had to describe the smell I'd say he smells like cricket poop. I sauna him everyother day but it doesn't seem to help much. Is that normal?
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    We got him today at The Tye-dyed Iguana.
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    Thin Gecko?

    I may be overly paranoid but I fear Gozer is looking a little thin. Is my paranoia unfounded or could he use a diet boost?
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    New beardie advice

    I'm going tp be purchasing a baby beardie next month and I was looking around online at the foods he can and cannot eat. I didn't see anything about cherries being a no and I was curious if you guys had any different info. Also, I have a 10 gallon tank to put him in and a light for him. Any...
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    Having a little trouble with some things

    Gozer doesn't stay moist for too long. I'm so scared he's getting dehydrated but I'm also scared he's not eating. I called the pet store and they said he ate crickets and CGD. I tried feeding him crickets and he refused to eat them. I'm not sure if he's eating his CGD either. :C Does anyone...
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    Burying himself?

    Gozer will bury himself in his substrate and I'm getting concerned. Is there a reason he'd do this? I mist him 2 times a day and keep his house warm :/. Help plz? Thank you in advanced.
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    Gecko habitat

    I need to keep it at 70 degrees but the problem is that the lid on the cage is a screen and lets a lot of heat out. How do I rectify this with out covering the lid completely?
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    Shedding issue?

    My crestie jumped off my roommate and bonked his nose on the wall. He's got a little bruise but he started shedding last night and it looks like his nose is not included in this process. Did I just catch him too early in the shedding process? It doesn't seem possible for them to selectivly...
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    He's bff with Vigo but he's terrified of Gozer :P
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    Gozer the Destructor

    :3. He doesn't like my roommates as much as me so he's MY baby :D.