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    Over time auction Held on sat the 27th Starts at 8pm Ends on sun 28th at 8pm Winner pays shipping or local pick up. I take pay pal or cash only. This is a male Bell 50% het eclipse. Produced by Paul Kent Reptiles. He is currently 30 grams. He is a beautiful gecko. I got him hoping for a...
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    Mack Snow.super snow,tang,normals

    Mack snows 50% het Tremper 150 shipped Mack snows 50% het patty 150 shipped Pastel mack snow 50% het patty 150 shipped Pastel mack snow 150 shipped Super snow 150 shipped Tangerine 50% het Tremper 80 shipped Normals 50% het Tremper 70 shipped Discounts on multiple geckos.
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    Mack Snow jungle,Tremper Albino, and normal

    I have a Mack snow jungle 50% het tremper for sale. Parents are mack snow and tremper jungle snow poss het raptor. TSF. Currently at 10 grams. Asking 150. I have a Aberrant tremper albino for sale. Parents are high yellow jungle het tremper and tremper albino. TSF. Currently at 11 grams. Asking...
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    Ok I want to have my first auction on my site to see how it go's. I'm going to put up this tremper albino circle back tsF. She will be available for shipping at 15 grams. I need to know if any one is interested in biding on her tho before I decide to put her up for auction. Please vist my site...
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    2 Super hypo and 1 Emirein

    I have a super hypo female with one snake eye.Also have super hypo Carrot tail female and one male Emerine. The Emerine male and the super hypo female with one snake eye have breed. They produced a Emerine Tangerine, and an emerine. I don't need them for what i'm working on. The carrot tail is...
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    Female Mack Snow

    I need a Female Mack Snow to go with my Bell albino. So it can NOT be het for the other albino strains. Het bell is welcome along with other hets. PM me if you have a female Mack Snow for me to look at. Thank you.
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    Pair of lavenders for sale or trade

    I have a pair of lavender leo's nothing wrong with the female. The male has a lump on his head right over his eye he had it at the time of purchase. He has no trouble with normal function so its like its not even there to him. They both eat crickets and super worms. There just not my fav. pair...