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  1. SamsonizeMe

    Travis @ Enigmatic Reptiles

    I just reached the conclusion of a successful transaction with Travis at Enigmatic Reptiles this morning. I am without a doubt highly satisfied with the service I received as a customer. I had a true myriad of questions about the animal I was interested in and Travis promptly answered every one...
  2. SamsonizeMe

    Anthony Adams' Extreme Geckos

    I made an earlier inquiry to check if anyone could provide some feedback on their experiences ordering from Extreme Geckos. Seeing as I didn't get a reply I'll be the first to say, I just conducted a very satisfactory transaction with Mr. Adams. He seems to have a tight work schedule, but you...
  3. SamsonizeMe

    Has anyone ordered from Extreme Geckos?

    Just wondering if anyone can provide information about their experiences with Anthony Adams at Extreme Geckos (fourth advertiser down on the far right column of the 150x50 ad list). I am seriously entertaining making a purchase from him in the near future and wanted to hear from others who have...
  4. SamsonizeMe

    Ft. Lauderdale, FL Reptile & Alt Pet Show June 18 - Who's going?

    I was at the show in March, where I picked up three new kids. It was fun so I figure I'll go again... to see if anyone has superworm beetles or something... yeah that's it! Is anyone from these forums going to be there next weekend?
  5. SamsonizeMe

    Recommended: - James Steinert

    I have been looking for a place to buy a guaranteed Super Giant from for a while, but hadn't found a good fit - saw a lot I liked around, but a lot I couldn't really afford at this time. When I ran a search through the forum and no result came up for either James Steinert or