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    Juuth's furry little friends

    Bella does really well on handling, but some hedgies have issues with adjusting to that. They are very shy pets that have to be handled with lots of patient, and mainly, no pressure. If the hog isn't ready, just don't do it or do it with lots of patience and handgloves :P Certainly not pets for...
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    Juuth's furry little friends

    These our all of our furry little friends.. Or mostly furry for that matter :P First a few of my favorite mice. I breed them, so this changes a lot as i have to let go of them at one point or another.. I prefer dove tan mice, but also get a lot of other colors, because of the fact that mice...
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    Juuth's discus tank

    We have a little tank for our 6 discus fishies :) It's 79 inch wide, 20 inch deep and 24 inch high and contains around 16 gallons. Our fish: - 6 discus (1 diamond blue, 1 blue pigeon, 1 red pigeon snakeskin, 1 red stone, 1 pigeon blood and 1 red melon) - 14 Cardinals - 4 red nose salmon - 4...