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  1. Dog Shrink

    Looking for Barred Tiger Salamanders

    Ok so my younger son keeps going back and forth on the fence between a hopper (frog/toad) and now Barred tiger salamnders (stupid youtube). He loves the looks fo the salamnder since it looks like a gecko with the colors but easier for him to handle and no nails (he hates getting scratched...
  2. Dog Shrink

    Some of My Show Rabbits

    So I just wanted to shre my one of my other passions with Y'all. My sons and I have been riasing show rabbits for the last 3 years. We run BKG Rabbits (Breyden, Kellee, Garrett is BKG :) ) We started with Flemish Giants, French Lops and Netherland dwarfs but now we focus mainly on our...
  3. Dog Shrink

    Has the format on the forum changed.. again?

    Not sure if this is the right section to post this in so please move it if it isn't, but... is it just me or has anyone else noticed the format on the forum is different?
  4. Dog Shrink

    Possibly add a care sheet questionaire for people asking for help?

    Was just curious about this. I recently joined a chameleon forum, and on their forum in their health questions area they have a questionaire that anyone asking a health related question has to fill out about basic husbandry so that everyone isn't asking 500 questions about the animals...
  5. Dog Shrink

    Sending Good Vibes and Prayers to our friends in Oz...

    Watching the news reels tonight about the flooding in Australia brought me to tears hearing the stories of everyone who has suffered, been lost and has tried to help those in this time of great need. It is indeed a great tragedy when there is a natural disaster, and it takes that disaster to...
  6. Dog Shrink

    OMG I'm a MURDURER :(

    So a little back story on this one... my hubby saved a lil northern brown snake from one of the oil pits they call holding ponds at his work 2 years ago. We brought him to our herp guy and he gave us the 411 on the lil dude and we released him into the multipule flower/veggie gardens around our...