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    Tub vs Glass

    Hey guys, I'm getting an adult corn snake pretty soon, and was wondering what would be best to house it: a 30g long aquarium with a screen top (not locking, not sliding: I'd get clips) or a plastic shoebox (about the same floor space as a 30g) with a snap on lid. The lid only snaps on the...
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    Beardie Lights

    Hi everyone, I am getting a pair of bearded dragons in a few weeks and I was wondering what kind of UVB lighting works best for them, as I've heard much conflicting information on the matter. Is it really necessary to have a tube that covers one end of the beardie home to the other? Instead of...
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    Corn Snake Breeders in Upstate NY

    I was wondering if anyone knew of high quality corn snake breeders with websites in the upstate NY area, especially ones specializing in okeetees, blood reds, blood red albinos, hypos, ambers, and locale-specific corn snakes.