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  1. dom

    Mellow yellow fellow

    beauty for sure
  2. dom


    are there any caramel patternless fattys outhere ?
  3. dom

    Sunshine Burms

    wow amazing
  4. dom

    My other new NARBC pickup.

    nice indeed :D
  5. dom


    they have a hazel nut like eye color
  6. dom


    this is a vanilla female sub adult hope this helps i cant tell for sure from tose pics
  7. dom

    here are some of our balls

    fire pastel female 1 enchi butter pastel female 2 pastel female 3 calico dinker couple pastelghost spider mojave pinstripe pastel female 4 normal1 normal2
  8. dom

    are any of you working with dinkers?

    yep i am going to work in the future whit my dinkers first is female second is male