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    Several Gecko Related Domain Names For Sale!

    If you are looking for an official name for your gecko hobby/business, I have several gecko-related domain name available for sale. If you see one you are interested in, I can get an appraisal for you. All are registered through GoDaddy. Gecko Gecko Gecko
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    Stop by and take a look at the first of the 2012 offspring on the newly updated Golden Gate Geckos website! :main_thumbsup:
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    Green Tree Python vocalizations??? HELP!

    One of my 3-year old female GTP's has been VERY vocal lately. She's always been a 'hisser', but she is vocalizing with a high pitched squeal that goes on until her lungs are deflated. It's very unnerving, and there is no evidence of a RI or any other problem other than she has not been...
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    WEBSITE UPDATE! Last of the 2011 offspring.

    Stop by the Golden Gate Geckos website and check out the updated photos and new available geckos! Lots of new leopard geckos, 2 bandeds, and a nice AFT. Thanks for looking!
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    NEW UPDATES!!! Last of the 2011 available geckos!

    Stop by the newly updated Golden Gate Geckos website for the latest geckos and photos of the remaining 2011 offspring. :p
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    For those of you who haven't been following this story, a man had a collection of wild and exotic animals. He turned them all loose before he turned a gun on himself. This the aftermath of how the local authorities took care of the situation.
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    Website update!!!

    Stop by an visit the newly updated Golden Gate Geckos website! Lots of new geckos available, Bolds, Rainwaters, Sunglows, Mack Snow fasciolatus, pure sub-species, and more!
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    FINALLY!!! Debut of 2011 leos, and 2010 knobtails!

    After a very late start to the 2011 breeding season, I finally have geckos ready to go! Stop by and visit the "available" pages of the GGG website to see some great leopard geckos, Aussies, and a lonely banded. Thank you all for your patience... ♥
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    Golden Gate Geckos website is newly updated!

    I just put up the latest available geckos on the GGG site. Stop by and check it out! :main_yes:
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    I have updated my site with a few geckos, finally! Take a look... :p
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    Meet "Sambandra"!!!

    My birthday present from my husband arrived this morning! Meet 'Samba' (Cha Cha's future bride), a yearing female chondro from Greg Stephens at Arboreal Specialties. Her pedigree and bloodlines are amazing, and I can't wait for her to meet Cha Cha in a few years! This is a quick photo when I put...
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    Bunny Chases Snake Up a Tree

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    Well, every gecko I have available for sale has been updated on the Golden Gate Geckos website with new pics & weights. I've got Leos, Fattys, and Aussies... so take a look!
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    Please stop by and visit the newly updated Golden Gate Geckos "Available' geckos! These are the last of the 2008 offspring, and don't forget that GF members get discounts!
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    Chahaya's latest pics

    Here's the latest on my chondro, Chahaya (Cha-Cha)! Photos by Am Wu:
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    My chondro, Cha-Cha!

    I LOVE my gorgeous boy, Chahaya. I just wanted to share a pic of him taken a little while ago. He is starting to lose more of his red neonate color and getting some nice yellows and blues!
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    I'm so excited!!!

    I had Am Wu, a professional photographer, come today and take photos of my collection! We met at the NARBC Show in Anaheim last September, and he asked if he could come and photograph my reptiles. Well, we had a great time all day today, and he worked his butt off! I won't be able to see the...
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    The Golden Gate Geckos availability has just been updated with new photos and new geckos for sale! Stop by and take a look... :main_yes:
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    I finally got Chahaya's new cage together, and he's now exploring it. Such a beautifuil boy needs a beautiful home to live in... not just a tub. Enjoy!
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    New geckos available - Golden Gate Geckos updates!!!

    I've got some new geckos posted on the newly updated GGG website. Take look! (Don't forget, GF members get discounts...) Also shipping for delivery to Hamm in December!