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  1. Kristi23

    My other new NARBC pickup.

    Picked up this male Woma Python from Charlie Redmon at NARBC Tinley. I couldn't really get the colors to look right in the pics. He's so gorgeous in person. Already ate for me, too. Still working on a name for him.
  2. Kristi23

    Norman pics!

    I haven't posted any pics of Norman lately. I'm not sure on his exact age, but I know we've had him for over 7 years now, so he's somewhere between 7 and 8. He's definitely starting to show his age, but he's still a pretty boy. He just had a bath right before these pics. His head is in...
  3. Kristi23

    Cutest thing ever!

    He's already at a wildlife rehabilitation center, but we had to take care of him over the weekend. Our neighbor was doing some demo work and found him alone. They didn't want it it get hurt, so they brought him to us. He was so friendly and would willingly climb right into our hands. I hope...
  4. Kristi23

    FOR SALE Enigma, Eclipse, W/Y

    Only one of these geckos is big enough to ship right now, but I can either hold them with a deposit/payment or deliver to the Tinley show Saturday. Please e-mail with questions and see my website for tos. I will take offers and will give deals when you purchase multiple geckos. Don't miss out...
  5. Kristi23

    Anyone have a Catahoula Leopard?

    We just got one. He's eight weeks old and adorable. I'm amazed at how smart he already is. I just can't wait until the potty training and teething is over. Once my camera is working right, I'll post some pics. I think he's the cutest puppy. He's already learning fetch and wears us out...
  6. Kristi23

    Can we get some more mods?

    I hardly ever see any on here and we used to have a lot. I hate having to report so many posts, but there are definitely people that don't follow the rules and step over boundaries. I'd really like to see this place get to the way it used to be. I can't imagine I'm the only one that feels...
  7. Kristi23

    FOR SALE Almost Ready~Geckos That Haven't Been Listed Before

    All of these geckos will be ready to ship in a couple weeks. I have not put them on my website yet. Please e-mail me for more info. Geckoforum members can take 20% off! I will give bigger discounts when you buy more than one. BQ01050812 $225 tsf radar BQ02050912 $225 tsf radar...
  8. Kristi23

    Ghoulish Geckos Update

    I added quite a few adults to my available page. I'll be adding more soon along with some 20+ gram babies.
  9. Kristi23

    FOR SALE Leopard Gecko Sale ~ New Photos

    I'd like to get some geckos shipped before it gets too cold. We are still good this week and next, but I noticed that some states are already too cold. To use this sale, I must be able to ship soon. Please see my website for terms. Shipping is additional. If you spend $300+, shipping is on...
  10. Kristi23

    FOR SALE 2011 leopard geckos, new ones added

    Shipping is additional. If you spend $300 or more, shipping is free. I will give discounts when multiple animals are purchased. Please feel free to make me offers. PM or e-mail for more info. All pictures are taken with flash (a few may be a bit washed out). Babies are eating mealworms...
  11. Kristi23

    FOR SALE Gecko Forums Only Sale Free Geckos

    I'm only giving these prices to gf members. Sale will end Sept 9th. There are 20 geckos listed in my ad below. I have a few more babies and some adult females that would be included. Let me know what you're looking for. Buy 1 Get 2 Free Buy 2 Get 5 Free Buy 20 babies for $550...
  12. Kristi23

    From orange to green!

    A few days ago, Killer was still orange. She? shed and look at her color now! She's grown so much lately that I need to get thicker perches for her again!
  13. Kristi23


    It's been awhile since I've posted pics of Henry. He has gotten huge.
  14. Kristi23

    FOR SALE The Last Four~Buy One Get One Free!

    Shipping is extra thru fed-ex or ups. Please see my website for terms of sale. PM or e-mail for more info. Eben $200 OBO Male Eclipse poss het Tremper Eating mealworms, one of my nicest ever Super Snow Enigma poss het Tremper $100 OBO Male, has enigma striking issues (e-mail for...
  15. Kristi23

    New Pinstripe

    I finally got my girl in a couple days ago. I think she's beautiful. :main_yes: I'll have to get better pics once she's settled in.
  16. Kristi23

    Henry in the bath

    I love how bright his colors are when he's wet. :) He's only been here a few weeks and I can't believe how much he's grown. He loves his food. :D
  17. Kristi23

    FOR SALE Buy One Get One Half Price Eclipse, Afghans, Snows

    Buy One Get One Half Price! Orders over $300 will ship free! Trades I'm interested in: ball pythons, fattails, cave geckos, thermostats, and leopard geckos (blood hypo combos, a very nice bold stripe female, or sub-species/combos. the only albino I work with is trempers (eclipse and...
  18. Kristi23

    FOR SALE Awesome Holdback Eclipse

    I am offering up my holdback male eclipse from last season. He is eating mealworms and should be ready to breed this season. Eben $300 Shipped OBO Male Eclipse poss het Tremper parents are Rafe and Georgina Pictures are a couple months old and taken with flash. I can take...
  19. Kristi23

    FOR SALE or Trade Lots of Geckos

    I had a sale fall through, so I'm offering up these geckos again. Shipping will be done as soon as it warms up (hopefully less than a month). 20% down will hold geckos. Please see my website for terms. The adult females should be getting ready to ovulate soon. All are best offer. I may be...
  20. Kristi23

    Meet Henry!

    I didn't plan on buying anything at the show this past weekend, but I fell in love with this little guy.