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    Hello everyone

    Hi! Leo’s are the best! If you don’t have a thermostat for your heat pad your Leo could be burned because it’s belly is right against the heat pad. Also good to have an infrared “heat gun” if you don’t already :)
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    Crooked spine or MBD?

    (deleted my crazy comment)
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    Aww! Leos are the best. She can read up on setting up a good tank for it, if she hasn’t already. It’s not necessarily complicated but the temperatures and hides are very important and there is some bad info out there- especially at pet stores. Remember to dust most or all of the feeder insects...
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    My gecko is acting kinda funny

    Do you have him in a cage? I’m guessing it’s a tank because he may be seeing his reflection and getting defensive. My girl did all of those tail things. Unfortunately the glass tanks affect their vision.
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    Vet supplied OMNIVOUR emeraid

    The humid hide may feel too cold and that could be a factor. Also if he/she is sickly, fluids might be necessary- but do NOT go back to that vet!! That vet is utterly incompetent and could kill your gecko or make him/her very uncomfortable. I can’t believe what that vet suggested and did! One...
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    Newbie...need help

    Hi! I know you've already received responses to this, I just wanted to add something. Now I haven't been a crested caretaker- just a leopard gecko caretaker- but if the shed doesn't easily come off from the skin, you most likely should NOT use force. It should be pretty EASY! Just peel. Done...