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  1. JessJohnson87

    What camera do you use?

    I use a Nikon Cool Pix L810 and my Galaxy S6 has a wonderful camera and editing features. Taken with my Nikon Cool Pix. Photo credit to my husband. Taken with my Galaxy S6 no editing. Edited with my Galaxy S6.
  2. JessJohnson87

    What kind should I get?

    As for color, it's all up to you. Beardie's do get big fairly quickly so you would need to make sure you have an adequate sized enclosure. Check Craigslist for aquariums that people are selling, I've seen some nice big ones for around $100.
  3. JessJohnson87

    Mexican black kingsnake not eating

    Awesome! He could've been in a state of shock after being in the car for so long to.
  4. JessJohnson87

    Mexican black kingsnake not eating

    If he turned down a pre-killed mouse, there is a good possibility that he was fed live. Brumation could be a possibility to, but my moms snakes would still eat some during the cooler months. I would take him to a vet for an over-all health check and to make sure he's ok after living in your car...