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  1. acpart

    Not coming out of cold hide for over 24 hours

    Make sure the hot side isn't too hot. You can check with a digital thermometer with a probe. If you're not using a thermostat, the hot side may be too hot. If you don't have that kind of thermometer, it's available as a "reptile thermometer" at pet stores for less than $10. Aliza
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    A little holiday cheer!

    Where's the beard? Aliza
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    Hey everyone!

    Welcome! Ask away and we'll do our best. Aliza
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    Gecko Diet

    Different geckos like different things. I use Pangea and I rotate among 3 flavors: watermelon, fig with insects, diet with insects. All of them get eaten at one time or another. I have consistently had a poor response to the apricot banana flavor with my geckos, but other people's geckos may...
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    I’m a newbie, and I don’t know what kind of geckos I have? Meet Fred and Ethel

    Welcome! It's a little hard to tell with Ethel. She's probably either a Murphy's patternless or blizzard. She looks more like a blizzard in the first photo and more like a patternless in the second (whiter tail). You can read about these morphs here: Fred is a hypo...
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    Shedding help

    Why don't you leave it alone for now and see if those shed pieces come off on their own. If not, post again and I'll think of something else to try Aliza
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    Shedding help

    Yes, move the hides, scoop it up from below. Make a little cave out of your hands and let the gecko sit in there so you can transfer it to the water. Obviously, have the water ready before you pick the gecko up. If this is the first time you're picking the gecko up, once you get it into your...
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    Looks older than a month to me, but you're right, there's no way to really tell. Aliza
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    I'm still not too sure. I don't really see bulges and I do see pores, but sometimes females have slight pits where the pores are. Sometimes you can push on the place where the bulges should be and the hemipenis will pop out. That's pretty definitive! Aliza
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    Shedding help

    The q-tip will probably not remove the stuck shed. I recommend you start by putting about 1/2" of warm water in the sink and closing the drain so the water will stay. Gently pick up your gecko and put it in the sink. It will try to climb out but won't be able to. Let it sit for a minute or...
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    Help! Is my gecko ok?

    Good idea. For a few weeks, dust all the feeders with calcium and D3. After that, do it every other feeding. Leopard geckos can also get too much D3 and calcium. Aliza
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    What morph is my gecko + General taming?

    It would be helpful to have a picture of the whole gecko with the whole tail. If the gecko eventually loses all of its body spots it will be a super hypo. If it retain 10 or fewer body spots it will be a hypo. If the whole tail is banded it's also called "aberrant" because the body bands are...
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    Welcome! Nice looking gecko. It is an albino, meaning that it has no black coloring. There are 3 strains of albino. The most common is Tremper albino. There's no way to tell which strain your gecko is by looking, though it's likely a Tremper. You can also call it "aberrant" meaning that...
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    Help! Is my gecko ok?

    Have you been providing calcium and vitamin D3 to your gecko? I don't really know for sure, but based on the picture of the whole gecko, it's possible that the mouth is open because the gecko has weak bones due to MBD (metabolic bone disease). I highly recommend a reptile vet visit. Aliza
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    Morph ID for 4 geckos?

    1. Superhypotangerine carrot tail 2. jungle (broken tail and body bands) 3. superhypotangerine carrot tail but not as high quality as #1 3. A little hard to tell. If its markings are black, it's a normal. If the markings are brown, it may be a very dark albino. Aliza
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    I have a dilemma and I need help!

    Looks good. The tail tip may fall off, especially if it starts to regenerate and pushes the dead skin off. As long as she's not on a particulate substrate she should be safe and should only need a vet visit if things get red or swollen. Glad you got them. Aliza
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    Garg hasnt eaten for 3 weeks!

    In my opinion it's hard to tell whether a gargoyle in a bioactive enclosure is eating or not. It also may take it some time to adjust to a new place. I recommend continuing to offer and unless he starts to look as if he's losing weight, not worry too much about it. Aliza
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    Should I get 2 or 1???

    They look great! Definitely get the 40 gallon as soon as you can. Aliza
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    Alternate food source

    silkworms, hornworms, dubia roaches Aliza
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    Should I get 2 or 1???

    Post some pictures when you get them. Aliza