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  1. Lena

    Just curious...

    MVB is a UVB bulb. If you mean strips.. Last I checked they last longer? I think? Anyway, yes, beardies are very territorial and should never be housed together.
  2. Lena

    Just curious...

    They are fantastic pets with a wonderful temperament. A good sized enclosure for a bearded dragon is a 40 gal breeder or equivalent. A couple of things I'm a stickler for when it comes to beardies... You want a lot of floor space and a little bit of climbing area. DO NOT USE SAND OR PARTICLE...
  3. Lena

    beardie with an attitude

    He's saying "Get me off this darn sand!" Haha. Beautiful coloration. You'll hear it from me before anyone else.. Sand is not a safe substrate for beardies (or leos!). Tile, ReptiCarpet, paper towel, newspaper, and butcher paper are all better and cheaper alternatives!
  4. Lena

    My beardie, Salvatoré

    Nice beardie AND nice set-up! :) Good job. So relieved to see you use paper towels!! Hehe.
  5. Lena

    baby Corn not eating

    Ruby, this might be useful for next time.. I was on another forum and many people were talking about a trick they use for reluctant feeders.. Brace yourself.. Rubbing the feeder in an empty KFC bucket! I don't know if it's healthy, but what could a little grease hurt? Hehe.
  6. Lena

    Rescued Baby Beardie

    She's beautiful! Shows GREAT color potential! I just have to put in my 2 cents about one thing: I must strongly urge against the sand. Especially for a young beardie (though I would never use it). They're very clumsy when they hunt, and very curious tasters! Ingesting the sand could cause...
  7. Lena

    Male or Female Please Help

    Too young to tell. Unfortunately you won't get a definitive answer until he or she is about 10-12 months or around 17 inches. Looking female right now. But that all can change very quickly!
  8. Lena

    power sun and dimmer

    Yeah, chances are when you try to dim in, it'll turn off on you.. It's a complex bulb. You can adjust things in the tank so that temps do not get so high, such as of setting the basking spot so that it isn't directly under the light. Play around with positioning furniture in his enclosure...
  9. Lena

    piles of .....

    He looks happy! As has already been said.. SEND IN A FECAL SAMPLE TO YOUR LOCAL REPTILE VET! I can't urge enough to you how important it is. I found that my girl Fonzie had parasites that had been with her since she was a baby, before I even purchased her. I'm lucky she's alive! She didn't...
  10. Lena

    Morph ?? has some nice ones. :) However I do not know if they ship internationally.
  11. Lena

    Morph ??

    Bearded Dragons don't have specific 'morphs' like Leopard Geckos do, save the Transparent morph. Everything else is line-bred, so it's really the breeder's choice as to what to call it. So.. You want an orange and yellow beardie. :p
  12. Lena

    Totally New Site

    It looks similar to most available pages, if you ask me. Probably should've asked permission, first, though...
  13. Lena

    Feeding Baby dragons

    I wouldn't recommend any of the reptiglo bulbs. And yes, I have heard that coil bulbs can cause eye problems. The only ones that I know of that DEFINITELY give off the right amoung of UV rays: T-Rex Active UV Mercury Vapor Bulb MegaRay Mercury Vapor Bulb Powersun UV Mercury Vapor Bulb (I can...
  14. Lena

    Feeding Baby dragons

    I can't vouch for the reptisun coil bulb, but I haven't heard good things. All of the beardie enthusiasts seem to say it doesn't work. The amount he's eating doesn't sound too bad, actually. And good move on the tile! *Highfive*
  15. Lena

    Feeding Baby dragons

    I second this. Mine loves squash and zucchini! And definately dust daily with calcium and weekly with a multivitamin.
  16. Lena

    Feeding Baby dragons

    Anything with "Lettuce" or "Romaine" in the name is bad. Stick with the "Greens".. Collard Greens, Mustard Greens. Escarole and Endive are great, too. Those are the ones I find most commonly in my grocery stores. Feed him about an hour after his light turns on and 4 hours before his light...
  17. Lena

    Ancient Snake Remains(Titanoboa cerrejonensis)

    I'm always prepared! :main_thumbsup:
  18. Lena

    Ancient Snake Remains(Titanoboa cerrejonensis)

    I just love the name.. "TITANOBOA!!!" Sounds like a character from Power Rangers. Very interesting, though! Thanks for sharing!
  19. Lena

    Do you bathe your dragon

    2-3 times a week for adults, every other day for babies.. That's the rule. Bathes are EXTREMELY important for hydration.
  20. Lena

    Sandhill Cranes

    Don't forget the fire ant hills. :main_thumbsup: