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  1. Lena

    Fonzie's feeling better!

    After treatment upon treatment, Fonzie is finally over her parasites! Eating like a champion and making trouble again. And her colors have never been better.. She even opted to pose for me while she basked in the sunlight. ;) These pictures are by far the most accurate representation of...
  2. Lena

    Back from the vet..

    Well, after thinking Fonzie was brumating for the past two months, I finally got him (actually, he is a she, so we discovered today) to the vet. We took to the Chadwell Animal Hospital in Abingdon, Maryland, and I highly reccomend it! I had a woman vet by the name of Tamie Haskin. She was...
  3. Lena

    'Other Classifieds' Section

    I think it'd be nice to have a new section of the classifieds for anything that just doesn't fit elsewhere. For example - I traded my PSP last month for a beautiful gecko, but I reverted to using the 'Photography Equipment' section for my classified ad because there was simply nothing closer...
  4. Lena

    Are yours brumating?

    I've been concerned lately as my beardie Fonzie has slowed down considerably, hiding, sleeping, not eating as much. The more I read about it, I'm almost positive it's burmation. It's been getting much colder at night, the days are shorter, and it's been rather cloudy and rainy out (He's right by...
  5. Lena

    Male or Female?

    This has been a question I've had since the day I bought Fonzie. Now he's (or she's) about 6 months old and there is definately something showing, but the question is.. What is it? I have looked at pictures, but the shape of the bulge is somewhat different, lending itself to both sexes. Maybe...
  6. Lena

    Fonzies first 'black' beard!

    Fonz just didn't like something about being outside today. I placed him down and he looked up at me and.. Behold.. His first black beard! I've never seen him puff up quite like this, and his beard actually turned dark (Not completely black, but he's still a youngin'). I grabbed my camera and...
  7. Lena

    Portrait of a Dragon

    Fonzie and I had a little photo shoot today on my red bedsheets. :) No photo manipulation, just the use of a flood light. I got the effect I wanted but just note that Fonz is far more colorful than he appears here. My personal favorite..
  8. Lena

    Fonzie - My 'first' reptile.

    Well, I had a green iguana when I was very young but.. I wasn't of age to properly care for him and I much regret ever having had him. So I guess my first *serious* reptile is more appropriate. Anyway, here's Fonzie. He's 5-6 months old and a whopping 13.5 inches, growing like a weed...