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    I have used rainbow. They are very good. I also do local stores and reptile shows.
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    My Stable of Seahorses

    They look great. What are they eating?
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    Manhattan reefs frag swap!

    Man these things are tough, I haven't had time to hang here with all the prep I have been helping do for the swap. Someone clarify for me the next Expo in White Plains is on the 30th right? I can't get the reptile expo site up right now, very weird. That's what I get for letting the kids play...
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    Manhattan reefs frag swap!

    Hey guys it's that time of year again! Mods I hope this is ok to post. Speakers include: Ken Feldman Professor of Chemistry Penn State University "Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Reef Aquarium: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" and Kevin Gaines "Apples, Oranges and Hot Potatoes: Why are...
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    My New Website!

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    Beardie Rescue

    Is there a sticker on the inside of the light saying the max wattage you can use?
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    Experienced Lionfish keepers?

    A 75 gallon tank would be perfect, make sure you get a great skimmer cause due to their eating habits they can be kind of messy. Volitains are a great starter lion make sure you buy from a good vendor. Reef Central has lots of local clubs listed you might be able to find one close to you that...
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    I voted chahaya but I really think Joe is a great name too!
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    Experienced Lionfish keepers?

    Like the sand debate here, there are plenty of debates on tank size and fish to put in those tanks on reef forums. The bigger the tank the better, or as many like to put it the key to pollution is dilution. Also if this is your first tank of this type the more hardy fish are the best to start...
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    Experienced Lionfish keepers?

    Dwarf Lions can be tough to get eating.
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    Experienced Lionfish keepers?

    Is this going to be fish only of a reef? Fish only is very easy to set up. First get a tank, Stand, and set them up. Make a decision as to the size of the tank and choose your filtration. After that has been done fill the tank with water that has been mixed with the salt mix which ever one...
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    Experienced Lionfish keepers?

    You could try reefcentral (dot) com. Keep in mind that they will eat anything that will fit in their mouth.
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    Today is Gauge's Day in Court. (Includes graphic Video)

    Now to prosecute the moron who baked the leo and put it on youtube from the other thread.
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    Anyone got cephalopod's?

    They are tough to keep if you are not an advanced aquarist. They need a nice tank with lots of rock and a tight fitting cover. They like moray eels are escape artists and often end up carpet surfing :(
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    Thinking of a nano-reef, anyone got tips?

    Go check out Manhattan reefs. I have had the 12g aquapod and I currently have the 24g aquapod. They are great tanks but if I had to do it over again (and I might just real soon) I would set up the 34g Current Solana. It's an all in one cube that looks and operates so sweet that in my...
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    Anyone else into Reef tanks?

    Hey you can see pics of my tank on manhattan reefs. Come on over and have a visit.
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    Fresh and Salt Water Fish Forum?

    I don't use tap water I use either RO/DI water or distilled water :) I plan on keeping my reef til the day I can't take care of it anymore. (Pretty much when I am dead LOL) Leo is cool, was thinking about getting it a friend or getting some cresties but the costs can add up to LOL!
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    Fresh and Salt Water Fish Forum?

    GeckoStud Ich takes time to die off, the best thing to do and safest is to leave the tank fallow for 4 to 6 weeks before adding any fish.
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    Fresh and Salt Water Fish Forum?

    Most of the time you can find me hanging out on Manhattan Reefs forum. I have a 24 gallon aquapod now, before that a 29 g and a 55 g reef and just broke down my 12 gallon angler fish tank due to an unfortunate death :( I love reefing, hopefully the Leo will grow on me like the reef bug did.