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    Mexican Hog's are the best!
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    Man With 15 Lizards Strapped to Chest Arrested at Airport

    Wow, I have seen some of his adds on Kingsnake, I totally agree with Kelli, this happens a lot in my country, some animals like Abronias and Helodermas are caught to be sent to Germany and USA, these animals can be sold at a very high price...
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    Irian Jayas and Jungles 10-20-09

    Really like the Jungles, nice ones bro..
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    Axolotl verges on wild extinction

    Its a very bad problem, theres several people that are fighting on keeping this guys undangered on my country..
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    New Breeders and Hatchling Updates

    You're having an amazing collection on carpets, congrats my friend!
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    Thats a true Jungle, congrats on this guy!
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    Amazing ones bro! I like a lot the Jaguar, but that Jungle male has an amazing color, I'm would like to buy a female like that one!
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    I love boxes from FedEx!!

    Nice pair of Aneries!
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    Just Some Nice Colubrids

    I like a lot last one, good luck on the Hog!
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    Look what i got! :)

    Nice looking Hognose! I would change the substrate is Desert Snow right? I know when it touches water it get's like mass.
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    My German Pointer

    Thanks a lot Melody, I can say that of all your geckos! :main_cool3:
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    My German Pointer

    Thanks a lot, and yes I am hoping on breeding him, just we cant find the right female, thanks again.
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    My German Pointer

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    Albino Titanium from Prehistoric

    Well I just want to share a picture of a Albino Titanium from Prehistoric Pets, after the shed it will be amazing. :main_thumbsup:
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    Nice carpets, I like the jungle nice intense yellow, congrats.
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    My chondro, Cha-Cha!

    Nice looking snake Marcia, what locality is Chahaya?
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    Any got some "Nauyacas" ?

    It's my favorite venom (Botriechis Schlegelii), I only seen some on the zoo's here on Mexico, they're awesome animals, but very dangerous, I remember read about they are the more mortal on Mexico. The yellow ones are awesome, got some friend that have see them on nature, I will like to feel...
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    Some colubrids

    Bonitas Tangs, todos buenos ejemplares, felcidades. Nice Tangs, all good looking colubrids, congrats. JorgeV
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    god do i love carpets!!!

    Nice looking Diamond x Jungle, I just bit on first time by a Carpet, thank god it was a baby. JorgeV
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    Bloods aggression?

    I have seen lots of Bloods, I have friend who have them, they have tame ones, they have agressive ones, I just say It depends on the animal, my friend have gived a lot of manipulating to a male of him, and never calm down, he has others that tell me they're more tame thats his Ball Pythons...