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    My German Pointer

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    Albino Titanium from Prehistoric

    Well I just want to share a picture of a Albino Titanium from Prehistoric Pets, after the shed it will be amazing. :main_thumbsup:
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    Any got some "Nauyacas" ?

    It's my favorite venom (Botriechis Schlegelii), I only seen some on the zoo's here on Mexico, they're awesome animals, but very dangerous, I remember read about they are the more mortal on Mexico. The yellow ones are awesome, got some friend that have see them on nature, I will like to feel...
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    GTP - Questions

    Hi Guys. I have read some about GTP's, they're gorgeous snakes. I have wanted one, from like 1 year, but never could because buying other things. I have the time and money to get him the best life. I was thinking of buying an Arboreal Cage from Repti - Racks, I have read that heat...