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  1. Boa'sUnlimited

    Two special Boas. Very close to my heart.

    Hello everyone, took some pics of, arguably, my 2 most favorite snakes so I thought I'd share, enjoy :) Thanks for looking!
  2. Boa'sUnlimited

    Powder in dark phase, Tons of pics!

    Powder the DH Snow boa in dark phase, Tons of pics! Hey everyone! well I had to do some spot cleaning the other day and I decided to grab some pictures of my boa Powder in her dark phase I have never photographed her in dark phase before, but believe it or not that is her dark phase :eek...
  3. Boa'sUnlimited

    Black Piranha! (DUW)

    Hey guys, thought I would share pics of my gold diamond, black piranha this guy will get up to 10 - 15 inches long. A beast of a fish! Right now he is a baby though, at roughly 4 - 5 inches He is currently in a 70 gallon. Its pretty bare, but he enjoys it. he has the plants for hides and...