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  1. sushikam

    Pictures with the 40D

    Finally had a chance to go out and take some pictures with my new camera and new lens(es)! I didn't get too many good shots, but have played around with a few that I liked and thought I would share :). I know they aren't the best, but I'm still learning :D! Enjoy! (Hope they aren't too big...
  2. sushikam

    Who owns a Canon 40D?

    Ok, so I REALLY want a 40D!!! I currently own a Rebel XTi, and it is a great camera, but I've heard nothing but rave reviews for the 40D. Of course a 5D or 1D would always be nice, but just a wee bit pricey for my affordability right now :main_yes:! So I need some input here. I am hoping to...
  3. sushikam

    LOUISIANA LEOS has arrived!

    YAY! My site is completed and has officially gone live! I want to thank Brittney Gougeon (South Bay Geckos) for all her hard work and beautiful design work :)! A true pleasure to work with! I don't have a lot going on right now as far as news/updates go, but hope to in the next few months. So...
  4. sushikam

    Gone Fishin'!

    Fiancee and I went fishing yesterday, or should I say, HE went fishing. I was too busy taking pictures. We went to a nice little park in Baton Rouge, it was a beautiful day! I took a bunch of pictures, and thought I would share some with you guys. I am practicing my outside picture taking for my...
  5. sushikam

    Canon Digital Rebel XTi

    Ok, this post is for anyone and everyone who has used one of these cameras :D! I am in the market for a new digital camera, and this one seems to fit my budget the best, only because I can get a payment plan with it!! What are your thoughts on this camera with the kit lens? I was reading some...
  6. sushikam

    How do you take good pics??

    Well I had ordered a light box kit with lights and all, and it was no longer available so I got my money back and decided that I was just going to go out and buy my own lights and make a newer, bigger light box. I think it works well for still shots of random objects, but when it comes to the...
  7. sushikam

    Using a Light Tent?

    I am trying my hardest to get good pictures of my geckos! I know the probably easiest way to do that would be to get a better camera, but that's a little out of my price range at the moment. I was searching through some old photography equipment classifieds and saw someone (a long time ago) was...
  8. sushikam

    Good HTML books?

    Does anyone know of a good HTML book that I can learn from as a beginner? I was looking at the HTML for Dummies books, but there are just so many of them :D ! So, anyone have some recommendations? I know I can use programs that don't require knowledge of HTML, but I would like to learn it...
  9. sushikam

    Domain names

    How did you all come up with your gecko site names? I am in the process of wanting to make a site and of course need to buy a name, but I'm having a hard time thinking of one. What "creative" thoughts did you guys use to get your names?