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  1. Hannibal

    FOR SALE 15% disc - gargoyle, chahoua & argicolae

    SALE: 15% discount Gargoyle $300-$475 babes & juvies with red striped /red base, red & orange striped / red base lineage PI & GT Chahoua $450-1000 babes, juvies, sub-adults & adults...high end red Troeger & Tremper lines E.argicolae: $175-200 unsexed babes & adult males...
  2. Hannibal

    M.chahoua eggs

    Caught Klaudia trying to be sneaky about laying her eggs at the front of her enclosure:
  3. Hannibal

    Progression photo

    Szar’s progression from hatchling to pre-subadult
  4. Hannibal

    Mex-mex kingsnake

    Vinnie just chilling in his tree waiting for his ratta.
  5. Hannibal

    Hatchling’s teeth

    Check out the hatching’s teeth mid-way through the video.
  6. Hannibal

    2019 breeders

    We have 17 breeding pairs this year, here are a few of them:
  7. Hannibal

    Hatchling invasion

    We are into our 2nd wave of hatchlings; here are only a couple of them:
  8. Hannibal

    E. argicolae Hatchlings

    New argicolae babes feeling the power of gargoyle beneath them.
  9. Hannibal

    getting another Ridgeback

    Yea, so excited!!!! We are getting our new girl either the 1st or 2nd weekend in March. I can't wait to bring her home, she's going to love the summer hiking adventures I have lined up for this year. Our boy, Zulu, has already enjoyed his first hiking trip this past weekend & he did an...
  10. Hannibal

    Turkey Run State Park

    Part of our New Years resolution is to take our dog hiking to several of the Indiana State parks (the one a mile from our house doesn't count). Come March, we will have a second Rhodesian Ridgebacks to take hiking with us :)
  11. Hannibal

    Zulu turns 1yr

    It's my Birthday, what did you get me? What do you mean 'NOTHING' Your messing with me aren't you Give it to me!!!!!!! Let's play Come on Want to dance? You stink at dancing.... Let me inside, human Ok, nap time Humans and their cameras....
  12. Hannibal

    new praying mantis friend

    We had plump little gal hang around our back patio today:
  13. Hannibal

    Lampropeltis mexicana mexicana

    Boy has he grown this summer: Feb 2010 Aug 2010 Sept 2011 He's in an Exo Terra 36” x 18” x 18”.
  14. Hannibal

    First time off the leash

    Yesterday was a nice HOT day, 94 out and all sun. So what do you do to cool off, take the dogs to the lake. We went to a private spot we found a couple years ago with the Rotts and thought lets give the puppy a try....and took them off the leash for the first time (outside of the yard or dog...
  15. Hannibal

    on their best behavior

    After spending 2 hours at the dog park yesterday, the boys are on their best behavior this morning in hope of another trip to the dog park again today.
  16. Hannibal

    fun at the dog park

    The dogs were having a blast at the dog park this afternoon; since they knew they were getting a bath after wards they had a little to much fun
  17. Hannibal

    Zulu being happy

    Zulu has out-grown fetching the tennis ball, so we switched it to one of his toys....he loves it much better than the tennis ball. Quick video of Zulu's happy face during today's walk:
  18. Hannibal

    Zulu's first snow *DUW*

    We got close to 4" of snow over night and Zulu got to play in the white fluffy stuff for the first time.
  19. Hannibal

    Went to Woodstock and......

    Came home with this beautiful 9 week old Rhodesian Ridgeback. His AKC name will be Rhapsody's Zulu Sun and we will call him Zulu. After talking with the breeder and seeing all his Champion dogs, we may actually show him when he is old enough....we will see. The ride home: After we got...
  20. Hannibal

    Rhodesian Ridgeback

    We are interested in getting a Rhodesian Ridgeback within the next 3-4 months and have done a couple years of research, including speaking with several breeders through out the US. I was wondering if any members here had one. If so, can you tell us any pro's & con's you have had experienced...