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  1. rickmoss95

    infertile eggs??

    just read the strawberry eggs post, so do all female beardeds lay infertile clutches when they dont have a mate??? just seems weird to me as i would think this would deplete their calcium levels for no reason...i mean, why lay eggs if they are not fertile? just wondering. i have had a couple...
  2. rickmoss95

    my razors edge puppy

    here is my year old razors edge american bully. his dad is mrpitbull.coms blue remy. he is a pretty sweet dog. he is still putting on bone growth, should start to add some muscle in the next few months. enjoy
  3. rickmoss95

    a few of my corns

    ghost bloodreds, striped motley buttercream,hypo bloodreds het anery and pied,striped motley butter,amel banded motley, ultra lavender males
  4. rickmoss95

    a few of my bci

    lipstick sunglow jungle, albino arabesque, hypo arabesque het albino, and a trio of hypo bloodred het pied and anery corns(didnt mean for that one to upload) i will resize some other pics and post pics of them, i have one of the reddest pastel hypos i have ever seen, and a super pink pastel...