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  1. indyana

    Artificially timing AFT day/night cycles with UVB

    I wish I had a solution for you, but sounds like they are going to be confused no matter what with no dark period.
  2. indyana

    Leopard Gecko Eating Problem

    Mine do this when they aren't really that hungry. They aren't blind, they just aren't driven to really concentrate on hunting.
  3. indyana

    Geckos and Mold

    Good luck! The main concerns with mold are mycotoxins, which are various toxins that can be produced by mold in certain circumstances. There's little data available on toxicity in reptiles, and mycotoxicity is very difficult to diagnose. That being said, there is evidence that mealworms are...
  4. indyana

    Geckos and Mold

    Yeah, very moldy I would not feed them.
  5. indyana

    Katt's Kritters

  6. indyana

    Hello! :)

  7. indyana

    Living colour

  8. indyana

    New Suggestions for 2019!

    Another thought I had while browsing was to get the "Gecko Forums" section up toward the top. Maybe only a single welcome/intro forum or pinned banner of some sort. People are constantly posting in the wrong forums, and I think it's because new people just go for the first vaguely-related name...
  9. indyana

    New Suggestions for 2019!

    Yay, the "Like" button is back! Now with reactions, haha. That was my fav feature that randomly disappeared a while back... I already replied via message, but I think anything we can do to make it easier to share pics and other media would be great. I'll have to experiment with attachments...
  10. indyana

    The Gecko Sanctuary (MA)

    There are always reptiles looking for homes via the Gecko Sanctuary. Right now, several geckos, a bearded dragon, and a ball python are searching for new homes. If you're in the Massachusetts area, please check them out! Available Animals - The Gecko Sanctuary One crested gecko in particular...
  11. indyana

    Merry Christmas!

    I want to wish everyone here on GeckoForums a very merry Christmas! Also, happy Hanukkah for those of you celebrating this week. :)