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    Barking beauty

    Gotta be my fave Auzzie
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    The White Wonder

    thankyou she's very special to me. She was given to me abiout 4 years ago as a tiny pink worm from a friend. Id sadly lost my dog so she cheeredme right up
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    The White Wonder

    I don't use a light box. I use big lights about 5 of them
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    Living colour

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    One of the babies

    one of the babies we produced
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    The White Wonder

    "Odus" Leucy Texy Rat
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    Handsome Hondo

    He's actually a new guy here with us. He shedjust before I snapped the pic. Best time
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    Handsome Hondo

    11 years with a DSLR
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    Handsome Hondo

    New guy here "Cosmos"
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    The Green Guy

    Tese guys are often overlooked
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    River deep

    Another of our Blue iguanas "River!
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    Young snowflake whites

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    Crazy white thang

    the one and only "Odus"
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    Tiny Froglett

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    Spying in the dark

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    tongue out

    Ezzy the Sav caught with her tongue out
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    Thumbnail sized BIG eyes

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    Oh hiiiiiiii * WAVES

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    Mellow yellow fellow

    Freshly shed albino chinese beauty snake
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    New Babys

    Got these 2 stunning frogs today. Only thumbnail size but so so amazing