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  1. acpart

    Unexpected surprise

    If she hasn't been with a male, the egg will not be fertile (there are some species of gecko that can, on rare occasion, lay a fertile egg and essentially produce parthenetogenically, but that has never been documented in leopard geckos). You can keep it to see what happens but you may as well...
  2. acpart

    Help! Mites???

    They could be grain mites, though if they're in your enclosure and not in your grain, it's hard to imagine. You could start by getting a paper towel or cloth very hot with water and then wiping down the sides of the enclosure as low as you can go. That will kill the ones climbing up (and...
  3. acpart

    First Leopard Gecko

    Congrats on your new gecko. It's a small, blurry picture and it would be easier to tell if you had a photo of the whole gecko from the top. It's likely that your gecko is a Murphy's patternless. They hatch out yellow with a faint blotchy beige pattern which disappears as they mature and then...
  4. acpart

    Not sure if I have a leopard gecko or African fat tail!

    From the patterning I can see on his back, he may be a stripe leo. That means that when he hatched, the black bands that usually run from side to side were broken in the middle and there was also some banding that went in the head to tail direction, so instead of horizontal bands, the gecko...
  5. acpart

    Wondering how long it takes for leopard geckos to grow

    She does look small but well proportioned. It's below average, but some geckos seem to have a petite body size. As long as she's eating regularly and is active there's nothing much more you can do. Make sure she has a nice variety of gut loaded (i.e. provide high quality powdered grain to the...
  6. acpart

    Day gecko sudden death

    It's hard to know what happened. I had something like this happen to one of my leopard geckos years ago and I brought it to my brother who is a (non reptile) vet. He did an autopsy and we still couldn't figure anything out. I can't imagine anything that would kill the gecko and the isopods...
  7. acpart

    curious gecko

    I'm not sure they really get bored. Maybe things smell different to him? Aliza
  8. acpart

    where to find superworms

    This isn't really a small business, but check here: I just had to order crickets when my usual place had supply problems (I usually get them from a local reptile store). Top Hat shipped out the crickets the next day at a really reasonable price...
  9. acpart

    My 'male' leopard gecko just laid an egg :o

    If she starts to eat again and gains weight it will be a good sign. I've had some breeding females, laying multiple clutches, that looked thin and not in very good shape at the end of the breeding season. I ended up retiring them from breeding and in many cases they eventually looked better...
  10. acpart

    Are these logs same for my leo

    It looks like you have pieces of cork bark which is fine for all geckos. Aliza
  11. acpart

    Leopard Gecko with Necrosis. Please help!

    Hopefully that will solve the problem. Keep us posted . Aliza
  12. acpart

    Super Giant and Giant Gecko

    As you can imagine, I have no idea who is shipping to Asia. Your best bet is to get in contact with other leopard gecko keepers in your country or region and see where they get their geckos from. Aliza
  13. acpart

    Gecko tail

    The main thing you should do is to separate the geckos so it doesn't happen again. The injured gecko's tail will heal and regenerate though it won't look as nice as the original. If the gecko is on a particle substrate it would be good to put it on something without little pieces until the...
  14. acpart

    UVB For My Leopard Gecko

    I keep the lights on in the cages I light (no leopard gecko cages) 7am to 7pm, but any reasonable 12 hours is OK (it would be kind of weird, for example, to have the lights on 3am to 3pm). I don't use lights for my leopard gecko cages. As long as there is ambient light in the room so the geckos...
  15. acpart

    HELP! (stays out of hide)

    Do you have a thermostat for it? Is the temperature on the floor where the pad is in the low 90's? If everything is OK, the gecko may just have fond a place it likes to be that's different from before. I have geckos that range from always being in the hides to never being in their hides. Aliza
  16. acpart

    Blind Gecko

    Are you sure it's blind? There's nothing to be done before you get to the vet except to gently rinse the eyes with warm water and make sure there are no small pieces of shed in there. If the gecko is truly blind, it can have a decent quality of life by being hand fed and by not moving the...
  17. acpart

    New leopard gecko not eating

    It's great that your gecko ate the first day. It's not unusual for it to get shy for awhile, so keep offering and see how it goes in the next week. Aliza
  18. acpart

    Leopard Gecko with Necrosis. Please help!

    If you don't want to have to do anything, just watch it to be sure it isn't getting worse. Ultimately, the new tail will start growing and the dried up part will fall off on its own. Aliza
  19. acpart

    Mota, my male Leachie

    Nice looking leachie! You can see in the pictures that the gecko has the short stubby tail and heavy body of a leachie and has blotched/striped markings as opposed to the longer tail and slimmer body of a tokay who also has "polka dots". Aliza
  20. acpart

    Hey guys

    Welcome! Your best bet may be to see if there's a reptile show (if they're even having reptile shows these days) anywhere near you. Also, if there has been a show in the past, find the website and look at the list of vendors at previous shows. Many of them have websites and you may find a more...