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  1. wakeskate420

    What is something interesting about you?

    my brother and I both race atvs, mostly hare scrambles and some motocross
  2. wakeskate420

    New 18x18x24 exo terra completely decorated

    wow those cell phone pics turned out crappy haha! here's some better ones!
  3. wakeskate420

    New 18x18x24 exo terra completely decorated

    I love getting Xmas presents early!
  4. wakeskate420

    New to Crested Geckos!

    If you're getting babies I would recommend using two large kritter keepers for their housing, and move them into bigger tanks when they hit 10 grams
  5. wakeskate420

    He's just WILD!!!

    I love his tiger pattern, my little one has some tiger pattern on s/he, I can only hope s/he will look anything close to your guy!
  6. wakeskate420

    Planted viv update

    i just transferred my crested gecko from the kritter keeper to this tank, if you look in the second pic under the top flower you can see her hiding
  7. wakeskate420

    Planted viv update

    yep its a mist king, its awesome! i got the $100 package and it works great and it was super easy to set up
  8. wakeskate420

    Planted viv update

    Viv update with some new live plants with organic soil and eco earth on top. Just ordered a coconut hide and sphagnum moss with my Pangea points for it too
  9. wakeskate420

    What kind of Frog are YOU???

    Golden Mantella Frog, ballin!! haha :p
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    I just put it into my TI-83 graphing calculator exactly as it was posted and it said 288, that's how I got my answer haha
  11. wakeskate420

    LzzrdBoy's DIY Leo Gecko Vivarium Project - Red Rock Canyon Style

    So awesome! And I second the corona as a needed supply for and build or activity in general
  12. wakeskate420

    possible new lizard

    Komodo dragon, a good second choice! .....(smh)
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  14. wakeskate420

    18x18x24 planted viv w/ DIY backround crestie build

    Looks awesome so far, can't wait to see it when its all finished, very cool fogger idea too!
  15. wakeskate420

    Friend Considering buying a Crested Gecko. What should he know?

    some things like cage size will depend of if you get a hatchling, juvie, or adult. i currently have a hatchling in a large kritter keeper with mopani drift wood and suction cup plants with paper towel substrate. as for hides, many like papertowel rolls or the small coconut hides, but mine...
  16. wakeskate420

    Winer frolic

    I would kill to do that! Reminds me of stuff they did on nitro circus haha
  17. wakeskate420

    Upset Acl surgery

    So sorry to hear that :( I also have a lab and love her to death, I couldn't imagine what you're going though, I hope everything works out for you and your pup
  18. wakeskate420

    Need help with uromastyx rescue

    You might want to send salt4sam a pm about it and ask for some info