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  1. wakeskate420

    New 18x18x24 exo terra completely decorated

    I love getting Xmas presents early!
  2. wakeskate420

    Planted viv update

    Viv update with some new live plants with organic soil and eco earth on top. Just ordered a coconut hide and sphagnum moss with my Pangea points for it too
  3. wakeskate420

    New Viv! :)

    I hate having empty tanks laying around so i decided to go ahead and decorate Alex's atrium for when he gets bigger. i still have two spots to fill, on the left under the feeding ledge and on the right side, i was thinking about putting a small magnatural hide away on each side. any maybe...
  4. wakeskate420

    My little crestie is here!!! :)

    yay im so excited!!!!!! :):):):)
  5. wakeskate420

    new crestie baby enclosure help

    I purchased the zilla atrium package with gecko from the pangea store and also bought a large 14x8x10 kritter keeper to keep the little one in until it is large enough for the atrium. I received my package today and have set up everything and I was hoping to get some opinions on if the habitat...
  6. wakeskate420

    the first snow of the season!!!

    well we had our first blanket of snow here in northeast Ohio. just wondering if anyone is excited for snow, or if anyone else had any accumulation yet :xmas: