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    My Crestie Ember and a ?? or two...

    These are pics of Ember.. I purchased her at the Portland Reptile Expo last August 29th and I was wondering if anyone thinks she is small for her age or too thin?? She eats fresh crested gecko diet every day and occasional insects..When I purchased her they apparently knew nothing about her and...
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    I was checking on my gex a little while ago as I do everyday and my adult male that's 6 years old had had a prolapse. I don't know when he got it but I checked him yesterday and he was fine. I did the sugar water soak cause I had read about it on here and wanted to try and help him out and while...
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    I haven't thought of a name yet but this is my new super snow I got from Aliza aka acpart at the Portland Maine Reptile Expo! And not a leopard gecko lol but had to introduce my hubbies new beardie! Nina for now but if a boy will be nino lol Enjoy!
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    Beardie diet question about storing greens

    ok so the amount of greens u get in bundles at the store are huge! Our new beardie is so my question is..can i freeze the greens so they do not go bad or what? We got Collard greens, dandelion greens and turnip greens but the bundles were very large and we do not want them to go bad...
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    I am so excited!

    Ok so most of you already have this and it's prolly not as exciting to you as it is to me. lol. I just ordered my first incubator and thrmostat! Just that little bit closer to getting all things i need for breeding next season. My rack should be done next week and getting more leos at the herp...
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    Snows and Bells

    OK this is what I am looking for Mack snows unrelated. visually able to sex bcause i want one male one female Bell Albino Pair unrelated. visually able to sex bcause I want one male one female. You can PM me with details or email with pics nad prices and info...thanks in advance
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    Cadillac Mountain and Kisma Preserve (PICS)

    My husband and I went to Cadillac Mountain on Mount Desert Island. The view was amazing and it was so high up! My Kodak Easyshare Digital camera did it no justice but if you all would like to look please feel free at...
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    My first video ever! LOL

    Hey all I have never done a videa b4 so this is my first attempt. It's an introduction to my leos that most of you already know from pictures. Please excuse the dirty dishes as I had not washed them yet when I made this video very early this morn lol Enjoy :)...
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    Red eft? / Eastern Red Newt?

    My sons friend found this lil guy out on our front lawn. Was thinking about keeping him but not sure. Does anyone know how to take care of them? Will they eat meal worms? LOL he is adorable and I think it's an Eastern Red Newt? My google search came up to look like the newt in the eft stage...
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    Bald Eagle and Eaglet sightings

    Went camping for a couple days and while there we saw two eaglets being taught to fly and hunt by their parents. Hope you all enjoy the pics. No onther creatures to photograph in our travels except a few squirrels our dog wanted to eat :P Sorry bout the quality as all I have is a kodak...
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    New pics of Aries

    This lil guy has gained 6 grams in 8 days! :D I am so happy about him. Lemme know what you without flash weighing in now at 12 grams woot!
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    Newest pictures of my Leos

    OK So I haven't been around for several weeks as my life has taken a very unexpected turn and not for better. That's another story but in the meantime I wanted to show off my geckos. You all know 4 of them Maia, Maximus, Stubs and Willow but new to our family is Sable. In line of appearance are...
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    calci bubbles

    ok so I have an adult male that has developed calcium bubbles behind his front legs. Not surprised and only dust his feeders occasionally now. Weird tho is one of my juvies has also developed calci bubbles behind her front legs. I have heard of adults doin it but juvies? Is this normal and...
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    Blizzard and Patternless

    ok I was looking on VMS Herp for the gens of these and couldn't find it. Either I am blind and did not see it or it's not there. SO I was wondering what is crossed to get the "Blizzard" and "Patternles" and why is it so hard to fin a patternless and bliz without something else crossed in it...
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    Updated Photos of my 4

    First one is Maia my newest girl Second is Max best I could get he didn't wanna come out and it's under red light Third is Stubs check out the carrot and I think she is approx 3 or 4 months old but a little older then Willow judging by color when bought Fourth is Willow in red light and...
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    couple ?'s

    ok so because i had a couple things to ask i decided best to put them here in one post. I have a juvi I THINK is male but not positive yet as I believe it to be between 3 and 4 months old and cannot quite tell. A week and a half ago I got a female that is either gravid or ovulating not sure...
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    my new girl Maia

    yes a petstore buy but she is my pet. For those that have read my previous posts know of my concern regarding her possibly having been bred too young bcause she was housed with one male and 3 other females but she weighs 32 grams and eats great! She may just be ovulating. Went through a shed and...
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    ok so I cannot get a pic of the underside of my tangs but they weigh 20 and 22 grams..both appear at this point females but one looks slightly dif. are they still too small to sex? not sure of one on March 22 and was quite small but more then double the size now tht it was then and the...
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    I want these so bad but have nowhere to put them :( Dangit I need a rack system or more tanks lol!!! I saw these and made me all excited they are some gorgeous babies. Caught my eye right away man I wish I had a place to put them :o