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    New egg!!

    OK, Thank you so much for the advice!
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    My geckos tail! Help please

    I’m sorry I don’t know much about that. I’ll do some research but I’d take him to see the vet
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    My geckos tail! Help please

    Is there another gecko in there with him?
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    New egg!!

    Hi! I looked in my tank today to find 1 massive soft egg. I did research and put it in a small container with coco fiber and a lid with holes. I knew she was pregnant so I already have an incubator. I’m hoping to have it be a female. I’m heating up the incubator now. Any advice?
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    Bearded dragon substrate?

    Ok thanks you!!!
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    I'm really sorry Aliza. :(
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    Bearded dragon substrate?

    OK, do you recommend any loose substates for them?
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    Leopard gecko with eggs not eating

    Ok, great thanks! I think what's going on is she is going to lay another egg soon. Usually, leos lay eggs in clutches of 2 so shes probably working off a lot of energy and stress to lay that second egg. Usually, leos will get very slim when laying eggs but after they will eat a lot! So don't...
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    Bearded dragon substrate?

    Hi! I'm making a new video on a bearded dragon care guide, and I can't find a clear answer on a substrate for them, I know non-loose substrates like tile, paper towel, newspaper, and carpet will work ok, but what about a more natural look? What substrate would be best then? Thanks! (also tell me...
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    Leopard gecko with eggs not eating

    OK, it is normal for the leopard gecko to not eat after breeding, and it is normal to be a bit worried. I'm very sure everything will be alright but I'm going to ask some questions just in case. Is the male still in with the female? What are you feeding the gecko? How big of an enclosure? How...
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    New leopard gecko care guide

    Hey! I made a new complete leopard gecko care guide! Check it out!
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    Looking for 2 juvenile gold dust day geckos, (one male one female)

    Hi! I'm looking for 2 juvenile gold dust day geckos. Preferably, one male and one female. If anyone has any, and are looking to sell them, please reach out! Please email me at [email protected] Thank you! Wyatt
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    New YouTube Channel

    There isn’t any videos?
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    New YouTube channel!

    Hey! I have recently made a new YouTube channel called The Gecko Dekko and am going to make videos on reptiles! My first vid is on the link below. Thank you for being generous!
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    Help with a morph please!

    It looks a lot like a Bell abino to me but it also could be a more orangish jungle. Most likely a bell though.
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    HELP WITH MORPH This is an image of a rainwater albino and they look exactly the same.
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    How can I restore trust?

    You should start to bond with it. You can do this in many ways including very gently handling him at least once a day. There are many other ways to bond with him to! I’ll post a link below of a person I watch that is very good with them.
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    It looks like a rainwater albino
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    Another thing, your female gecko needs to be at least 50 grams to be able to breed.

    Another thing, your female gecko needs to be at least 50 grams to be able to breed.
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    Gecko not eating and has a lumpy stomach

    Ok, well if that's the case, just do some research and follow what the best resources instruct you to do. Best wishes!