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  1. clemsonguy1125

    Adult Male Bearded Dragon

    Adult Male Bearded Dragon for Adoption, Leaving for school and need to rehome him. PU in Elon North Carolina. Shoot me a email at [email protected] for more info and pictures.
  2. clemsonguy1125

    Adult Male Bearded Dragon and Setup- Elon,NC PU

    Ive got a male adult bearded dragon and setup for sale. He's about 2 years old and devours crickets. He's been raised on a diet of crickets, roaches and a variety of greens. He comes with everything needed to keep him healthy. This includes a 40 breeder, uvb, heat, and a hide and basking log. He...
  3. clemsonguy1125

    RIP Neon

    My leopard gecko neon just passed away. She was only 1.5 years old. Every thing was normal until a week and a half ago and she quit eating, the temperature was normal, she was acting normal, the only difference was her lack of eating. I noticed she had a green mark on her upper stomach. She was...
  4. clemsonguy1125

    Real Life Hobbit House

    I saw this a while ago and though it was cool. To bad its pretty much illegal due to building codes.
  5. clemsonguy1125

    My 2 Dogs

    These are my two dogs, the first is a chocolate lab golden retriever mix. The second is a toy poodle, my family got from my grandparents when they couldnt care for her as well as they wanted.
  6. clemsonguy1125

    What are you going to do with your pet when you leave for college?

    There seems to be a large amount of teenagers on the forum and I am wondering about what you plan to do when you leave? Very few colleges allow reptile on campus. In not to long I am going to be in this situation and am trying to figure out what I am going to do. Thanks
  7. clemsonguy1125

    Field Herping in the Everglades

    This is not me but this is probably the best herping trip anyone could ever go on. Its terrible how many of these reptile are non native and are released pets. This guy found everything from pythons to leopard geckos.
  8. clemsonguy1125

    Which lizard for this setup...

    Ive been seeing these screen tanks everywhere lately. From what Ive see the biggest problem with these is that they dont hold humidity well. The main reptile I see being housed in them are chameleons. Are there any other reptiles that do well in one? Thanks...
  9. clemsonguy1125

    Basic Toad Keeping questions.

    Well I just installed my fish pond so Im expecting toad to start showing up when the weather warms up and Im hoping to keep 1-3. Ive done some research and 99 percent of toads that are sold in pet stores are wild caught and the american toad I want to keep is not breed for keeping as pets. I...
  10. clemsonguy1125

    Shipping questions

    I've decided to get a leopard gecko and started looking around for the best place to get one. I decided against ******** immeaditaly and I found a reptile shop. My only concern was that he kept the geckos on calcisand. I found a breeder a few hours from me and decided the cheapest way was to...