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  1. acpart

    cricket care

    You could put the gutload on the floor instead of the wood chips. Remember that crickets only live 9 weeks. If you got large adults, they may be at the end of their lives. I get my crickets by the thousands and sometimes I get a bad batch and most of them die. I have no idea why there can be a...
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    Need advice

    Young leopard geckos may spend nearly all their time hiding which would protect them from predators in the wild. Some leopard geckos never want to come out but many of them get braver as they mature. Talk to her, let her hear your voice and periodically put your hand in there (even if she...
  3. acpart

    Hi I have a question aboit tank setup.

    Is it cracked? If so, either remove the dark tape and replace with clear packing tape or get a background and attach it. You would set it up the same way as any other enclosure: heat pad on one side, a bunch of hides on the warm side (since you have the room), water bowl on the cool side...
  4. acpart

    Help! My leopard gecko has a swollen red bump at his mouth :(

    It's the abscess, not retained shed. Vet visit soon is a great idea. Aliza
  5. acpart

    Metabolic Bone Disease?

    It's hard to tell from the picture because it looks as if she's sleeping and that's not an unusual posture for a sleeping gecko. Be aware that you can see MBD type symptoms as I understand it, from too much calcium and D3 as well as too little. Nocturnal leopard geckos don't need too much D3...
  6. acpart

    Having an Eye issue

    The eyes in the picture look OK. Sometimes a little piece of shed can get stuck in the eye and if it remains (it can be really hard to see it), it can cause irritation and possibly inflammation. Did the vet just remove the shed, or did s/he do something else? What you could do for the moment...
  7. acpart

    Help! My leopard gecko has a swollen red bump at his mouth :(

    Your gecko probably has an infection and needs to see the vet to get an appropriate antibiotic or, if necessary, to clean out the infection. Aliza
  8. acpart

    Leopard gecko not going in heat hide

    Have you checked the temperatures on the floor of the hot side with either a heat gun or a digital thermometer with a probe? Perhaps it's too hot for him. If you don't have a thermostat, there's a good chance that it is too hot. If you're in the northern hemisphere and don't have air...
  9. acpart

    hello everyone! Help please

    If you put a male and a female together they will try to mate. If you don't want mating (and eggs) to happen, separate them. Nice looking geckos. Aliza
  10. acpart

    Feeding tips please!

    I have found that leopard geckos are incredibly lazy sometimes. You could try the "you'll eat when you get really hungry" routine, otherwise, I guess the gecko has you well trained! Alia
  11. acpart

    New Leopard Gecko climbing glass

    They don't necessarily go into the moist hide when they shed Checking out a new environment is very normal. Also normal is climbing up the sides. If you could put a leopard gecko into a cage a kilometer wide, they would walk to the edge and try to get out! Everything sounds OK Aliza
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    Can I use potting soil and eco earth together for my leopard?

    Check out forum member Indyana's article on a bioactive habitat for leopard geckos: Aliza
  13. acpart

    Feeding tips please!

    Here are 2 articles I wrote about dealing with geckos that seem to have feeding problems: Aliza
  14. acpart

    Giant Day Gecko Lighting.

    As far as I know (I have a few smaller day geckos, but not a Giant), many people use tube fluorescents for the UV and smaller halogen or xenon puck lights for basking. Aliza
  15. acpart

    Help with gecko I'm looking after!

    He still looks reasonable to me. I have no idea why he's' not eating. I'd recommend to keep offering and make sure he has adequate hydration. If he continues not to eat when his owner returns, they should consider a vet visit. Aliza
  16. acpart

    New Owner, Need help gender identifying

    Sorry, not a clue. I incubated for males and females one summer (as opposed to lower temps for females) and spent a miserable few months peering at gecko bottoms with a magnifying glass. They may also be too young. Aliza
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    I mist by hand but I would imagine it would be somewhere between 30 seconds and 1 minute. There must be some online info somewhere. Aliza
  18. acpart

    Very New Crested Mom

    Sounds pretty good sized to me. Each of my cresties that is in an 18x18x18 seems fine . Aliza
  19. acpart

    Help with gecko I'm looking after!

    Some people advocate taking out any crickets that were not eaten within 15 minutes because they worry that the crickets will bother the gecko. I haven't particularly found that to be true. What works for me with some of my lazier geckos is to remove the furniture for about 30 minutes on...
  20. acpart

    Building a viv

    If the crested gecko is an adult, a 10 gallon is kind of small and not so high. See if you can get a 20 gallon high which will be 18" high and much better for her. Aliza