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    That's what you get...

    ...for being mean.
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    but after what seemed like an eternity without internet, i'm finally back. :) I have missed you all dearly:p, and look forward to catching up on everything i've missed. :D
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    Sacramento Reptile Show pics (DUW)

    Hope you like em :D
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    Marine World pics (DUW)

    I went to Marine World a few weeks ago with my family for a late birthday trip and thought i'd share a few of my more favorite pics that were taken. Hope you like them and a short video...
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    Sacremento Reptile Show.....

    ...Who else is going? Sept. 26-27 at the Convention Center. I'm pumped and can't wait. :wacko:
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    some more "09" babies

    heres what hatched in the last 10 days, hope you like em. :D Mack Snow Bell Enigma Tangerine - this one came out pretty dark Enigma het Bell Mack Snow Bell Enigma - this came from a moldy egg and hatched out tiny (but is doing good so far) Tangerine het Tremper...
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    Didn't make it (sad pics)

    this little guy pipped but never came out. this is what was found inside. :(
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    A few recent ones (DUW)

    Here's a few recent hatchlings that i haven't posted yet.:D Tang het Tremper Jungle Tremper Jungle Tremper 66% het R.A.P.T.OR. R.A.P.T.OR. Reverse Stripe 66% het R.A.P.T.OR. A.P.T.OR. Reverse Stripe and A.P.T.OR. And one more of the...
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    A few recent ones

    my 2nd raptor from 1 of my het raptor x het raptor projects. thats 2 raptors out of 4 hatchlings so far.:D Unfortunately i had to cull the clutchmate. :( Enigma het Bell Snow Enigma het Bell Enigma book ends :main_laugh: these two were the 3rd and 4th hatchlings from my...
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    The Next Set (Jungle Trempers)

    Here is another set of hatchlings from one of my het raptor x het raptor pairings This one hatched out on 6/10/09: and the clutchmate 6/12/09 hope you like em :)
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    Just because...

    ...i thought it was a cool picture, so i thought i'd share.:D This is my R.A.P.T.Or that hatched out 1 week ago today. And for the record this pic was taken by GECKOFREAK, that's not my hand with fingernail polish on it.:D No really.
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    Some more babies

    Last night before bed (after seeing the new Terminator movie) i found this MSE in the bator ...and then today when i got home from work i got it's clutchmate, a Snow Bell (non Enigma) Mom is an Enigma het Bell, Dad is a Snow Bell Enigma.:main_lipsrsealed:
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    First of the season, FINALLY

    Finally got my first hatchling(this season), and my very first RAPTOR. Both parents were 100% hets and this was my first baby from them. I like hitting odds.:D Whatcha all think?
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    Free Websites

    Anyone on here ever use a free website? Opinions on which ones are better, or opinions on why or why not to use them would be greatly appreciated. I need to start moving some geckos:D
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    Happy Birthday: GECKOFREAK :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY(to you):balloon::balloon2::balloon3::party2:
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    Secret Easter Bunny

    Ok so during Christmas in the 'Secret Santa' thread, I made a comment about doing a 'Secret Easter Bunny' beings that Christmas was a little hard on some of us last year. Well a few people seemed to think it was a good idea. I PM'd Mallorie and asked what she thought about doing it...she said...
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    Is this right?

    Snow x Snow = 25% normal 50% snow 25% super snow Snow Bell x Snow Bell = 25% bell 50% snow bell 25% super snow bell Snow Bell x Snow het bell = 12.5% normal het bell 12.5% bell 25% snow het bell 25% snow bell 12.5% super snow het bell 12.5% super snow bell
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    Asbestos/Cancer in Vermiculite

    I wanted to continue this from another thread because I feel like I was hijacking someone elses thread, and because I wasn't sure how many people might have been skipping over the thread not wanting to answer the pole. The person that started the pole stated that they would not use vermiculite...
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    Most commonly asked question forum ?

    Just had the thought of a section in the forums for most common questions asked. I see a lot of new people asking the same questions over and over. It also seems like theres less people jumping on with detailed input, probably because they're getting tired of explaining the same thing over and...
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    Happy Birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pookachu and nike:balloon::balloon2::balloon3::party3::balloon3: