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  1. AndyBunn

    How did you find

    Hi I was searching for info on leopard geckos and gecko forums was the first I found. I love it here.
  2. AndyBunn

    Feeding Mealworm Pupa and Beetles? Safe or Not?

    My leopard Gecko has started to eat the Mealworm pupae as I had loads in my current batch. He loves them. I haven't noticed any problems with digestion but I'm monitoring. He has no interest in the beetle form.
  3. AndyBunn

    Comment by 'AndyBunn' in media 'Typ-O'

    What a lovely Gecko. Great photo.
  4. AndyBunn

    Comment by 'AndyBunn' in media 'F7BE4BD9-A02C-4BCF-B445-ECEE10775944.jpeg'

    Brilliant photo. My Gecko has very similar colourings.
  5. AndyBunn

    Comment by 'AndyBunn' in media 'IMG_20200626_095627234.jpg'

    Very cool. I bet you are very happy
  6. Playtime .jpg

    Playtime .jpg

    Carrot in his playground whilst I clean his room!
  7. AndyBunn

    Photos of Carrot

    A twenty gal is brilliant. Gives you space to put stuff in for your gecko. All the stones, wood and slate I picked up for free. I think they look better than some shop stuff. You have to put some pictures up when your done
  8. AndyBunn

    Photos of Carrot

    Thank you VampCramp. I just hope he likes it too. I have to stop myself from tinkering all the time. What's your set up like?
  9. AndyBunn

    Taking my Leo on holiday

    Thanks for all the information Aliza. The Gecko Time article is excellent. I will take Carrot on our holiday. I'm hoping he will enjoy it.
  10. AndyBunn

    Taking my Leo on holiday

    Next year I'm going on a family holiday to Wales in the summer. Its about a 2 hour drive from where I live. I was wondering about taking Carrot, my leopard gecko with us if I can't find some one to look after him. I also thought he might enjoy exploring the place we are going to. It's a place...
  11. AndyBunn

    Hi, new here

    Hello Soba_dude and welcome. Two great Geckos you have there.
  12. AndyBunn

    Photos of Carrot

    Just wanted to share a few pictures of Carott. Hope alls well with you all and your animals
  13. AndyBunn

    Heating and rocks issues

    Hi its Leo Life substrate. Here's the link for there website. In a local pet shop I've seen a fake stone contoured mat. I might get one. Andy
  14. AndyBunn

    Heating and rocks issues

    Cheers for the advice Aliza. I have lowered the hight of the basking rocks and placed the thermostat sensor on to the substrate. The temp above the rocks is now 31°c/ 87.8° Fahrenheit, which is much better. I am thinking of getting a DHP bulb at some point soon. Also going to change the...
  15. AndyBunn

    New potential owner of a leopard gecko in Cleveland

    Hello. I'm no expert but you don't need all of that stuff. Have you checked out the Care sheet forum here. That's a great place to start. You may need to get a bigger tank for an adult leopard gecko. It needs one end to be hot and the other cool with hides at both ends. It would be useful to...
  16. AndyBunn

    Heating and rocks issues

    Hello all. I have a leopard gecko, Carrot in a large viv. I'm having problems, possibly in my head, with regulating the temperature in the hot side. I have encluded some photos to show what I mean. Pp7 The cool side seems fine with temps at 22°c. On the hot side the thermometer on the side...
  17. AndyBunn

    New leopard gecko help

    Glad to hear that he's eating well. That's always a good sign.
  18. AndyBunn

    New leopard gecko help

    Hi you should be able to get silent crickets. Ask for them at the place you are going to.
  19. AndyBunn

    New leopard gecko help

    You could try small to medium crickets to start with. Variety is the spice of life.