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    Looking for adult Sunglows females!

    Hello, I am looking for adult Sunglow females, doesnt matter a lot the CT, just that they have good colour and be older than a year old, also that they weight more than 50 grams, in other words ready to breed :main_thumbsup: or SHTCT het Tremper, adults too, ready to breed.. Please send a PM...
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    Pure Eclipse Male

    Hello, I am looking for a pure Eclipse, non het for Tremper, Bell or Rainwater. Just an Eclipse het for nothing. I pay by paypal. Let me know if you have one. Thank you, Jorge
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    Looking for a Tangerine Bell Albino

    Hello Everybody, I am looking for a nice male Tangerine Bell Albino, no Bell Hybinos. Prefer Banded or Striped. Payment by paypal only. Thank you Jorge
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    Looking for het RADAR's and hets Blazzing Bell

    Hello everyone, I am looking for these next geckos, - 1.1 het RADAR's it can be Bell het Radar or Normal het RADAR or others. - 1.1 het Blazzing Blizzard Bell, it can be Bell het Blizzard, Blizzard het Bell or Normals het BBB, (No het tremper, only Bell) Let me know, Jorge
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    Female 100g+

    Hello there, I am looking for a female that is 100g or more, let me know what morphs you have and I let know know if I am interested. Regards
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    Wanted: Adult Female Crested

    Hey guys, Im looking for an adult female crested. Looking for a dark one, maybe a pinstripe or a dark flame. If you have one, send a PM :) Thanks
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    Hey guys, these is my first crested, I bought him to a local seller, he has a great color I think he is a Harlequin, what you guys think? I would be buying a female, she will arrive in 15 days, so Ill wait. He has a temporary house, I am building a bigger one, let me know what you think, I hope...
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    My male Raptor

    This is my male Raptor, he's about 1 year old, pretty big, I got him from Nate, just some pictures... As Eric said, this are the true Patternless Raptors..
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    Extreme Tangs, and others..

    Hello, these are some of the tangs I bought to Nate (DarthGekko) they have been doing great, one female is missing but is sheding. Also some pictures from the Raptor female and Enigmas 100% het tremper, 50% het raptor, also from Nate..
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    They come from the Sin City! (New geckos)

    Hello guys, I would like to show some geckos I bought to Nate from Sin City Geckos, I recommended 100%, excellent quality. Thanks a lot Nate, I'll be buying more, so let me know when you got more great tangs. I got another Tang female, amazing by the way, but she's on shed, I'll post pics...
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    Finally my first hatchlings!

    :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana: Finally I'm at my home, and these guys just hatched, these are my first ones, I hope to hatch more, I'm very excited, I think a lot of you remember that first hatchling, I hope to remember too. They came from SHCT x SHTCTB, the female got 85% of CT...
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    Crested Opinion

    Hello guys, you may remeber I make a thread about maybe I was going to buy some Crested, well Im doing, hope soon, just need to make some payments first, I found a red male, the breeder Nicole Guy, told me she may have more if the ones she already have get sold. Well I was thinking about...
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    They're fertile!

    This if my first time breeding, and this is my first pair of eggs, and they're fertiles! Hope you like the photo. I'm really excited :D
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    Some head shots :)

    Here's some pics I took like a month ago with my Nikon D200, I use macro lens for this pictures. First are pictures of my Sunglow female and my MSS from Ohio Geckos.
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    Crested Questions

    Hello guys, I'm going to start on having three cresteds, I still have some questions, hope you can help me. 1. Can I house 2 females together, male would have to be separatly right? 2. I like a lot red cresteds, what morphs are the one that show great red, and also If you can put some...
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    Hello guys I been looking for this incubator, but I just see it on sell on Europe (Spain, etc), anyone knows if someone in USA sells it? Here's a pic..
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    Im happy :) SHCT x SHTCTB

    So finally I see some geckos in action :p The male is a SHCT(Andrés) and the female a SHTCTB (Alma) This is my first crosses, so I'm very excited :main_laugh: Well crappy pics, here they are..
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    Wanted - Balls

    Hey guys, I'm looking for these balls. - Adult Females (1,000 grams at least) eating F/T or Prekilled (no live) - Lesser Male eating only F/T or Prekilled. If you have any, send a PM, we will work on the price. Thanks Jorge
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    MSS Female!

    Here is my female that I buy from Thad of Ohio Geckos about 1 month ago. I take this pics with my new D200 with Macro lens, so hope you like this one, I will post more later. Her name is Ofelia..
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    Genetics Article

    Well, In a mexican magazine of reptiles I would help in a genetics article, basically would be more about morphs than crosses, so talk about who discover what morph and things like that, what you guys think that will be great to put on the article? Also, who was the discoverer of the Super...