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    Leo Designs!

    I've updated my Zazzle store to include some leopard gecko products! Zodiac Gecko: From $2.95 "Go Away" Gecko From $14.80 See the full range here!

    Li'l buddy.... (too many pictures!)

    Just the gecko, being a gecko and climbing in/on/under *everything* :laugh4: ^ I use him as my watermark sometimes, because I have so many photos of him on top of my drawings! :laugh4: So worried I was gonna squish him... Whee, a cave.... He adores the legs of this pair of jeans.... NO...

    Gecko fan!

    My newest invention! :tongue3: Spread that new-gecko scent all over your home with minimum effort....


    Just m'gecko napping, gecko-style, under the Big Rock Blurry pictures, but I didn't want to wake him by trying to take some better ones. Though I'm not sure anything would've woken him up at that point. :tongue3:

    Mealie mites?

    Something itty-bitty looks to be crawling about in the bedding of the mealies I just acquired - and it ain't worms. Does this mean the whole batch is bad? :sad:

    Eeew, bugs...

    So, I finally got my mealies in the mail. Well, not in the mail. Spaced off that they were coming, and I had to pick them up from the post office. But the lid didn't have a great seal. And it came off. :blank: And I noticed a bit too late. 15-20 mealworms crawling around in the box, FAST. And...

    Pale gecko

    Not really sure where to put this. It's not *really* a morph question, but it's not showing off a gecko either - oh well, I'll let the mods decide that. ;) For a while I've been thinking how much darker the Normal leos I see are than my own gecko. He's a Normal as well, but he seems a little...

    Clean Cages are Fun (more pics than you'll EVER want to see)

    What can I say, I'm an obsessive photographer. :blush: M'gecko got a little home makeover when I cleaned his cage yesterday, and he had to make sure all was still right with the world: She has me on Astro-turf now?! Better make sure the bathroom's still where it goes Ooh, wait...

    Just m'gecko. Again.

    He actually deigned to come out in natural light for once :laugh4: , so here he is crawling around unnervingly near my face: ...And here he is back in the dark, doing what he does best: crawling around under people's clothes. :main_rolleyes: :tongue3:
  10. STUTFL

    Midwest mealworms

    I can't currently afford to spend $14+ for shipping mealworms or superworms halfway across the country to me, but I do NOT need thousands of them either. Anyone know of a Midwestern or at least not-on-the-coasts supplier I can order small amounts of mealies or supers from, so I don't have to buy...
  11. STUTFL

    So, I was washing dishes...

    ...and drying them (ALL of them, the dishwasher's broken) with the dishtowel hanging over the oven handle, as usual. I'd finished a couple bowls and some waterglasses when I recalled that said towel had only the night before been the playground of The Amazing Climbing Gecko - who for...
  12. STUTFL

    Crickets and carpet

    I've got a separate 10-gallon terrarium for the crickets (it was originally STUTFL's cage, but he's in a nicer one now that I already had when I got him). They live there and they die there, since loose ones in the gecko cage tend to sneak behind a bowl or the hide and die there or crawl all...
  13. STUTFL

    Scary Sounds

    STUTFL was climbing all over the place the other night when it was feedin' time (he's only in a 10-gallon tank and there's a lot of stuff in there), so I thought I'd let him stretch his legs (supervised, of course). When he made it to the kitchen floor (Geckos are FAST when they hit open...
  14. STUTFL

    Coco fiber

    So, newish owner. I've got this block of incredbile-expandable Bed-A-Beast stuff. :tongue3: I figured it wouldn't work great for a dry-loving gecko, but there's always the humid hide. Now, I know, I know, they can eat it and that's bad. But I don't feed him in his cage (except mealworms by...
  15. STUTFL

    Wild Bugs

    Sometimes I have a mite of trouble obtaining food for my gecko. It's not as if he's ever in any danger of going hungry, but I'm curious: Is it ever safe to just pick up wild insects of known species and give them to him? It's easy enough to find a large area that isn't poisoned (park...
  16. STUTFL

    Alien Invasion

    I always wondered how STUTFL would react to another species of similar size. Well, Ed the Tortoise isn't exactly similar in size, but STUTFL certainly reacted when she decided to plow past his terrarium today. I almost expected him to say something ... possibly along the lines of "WTH was that...
  17. STUTFL


    My gecko still hides when I move too quickly or he feels exposed, but sometimes he chooses interesting places. He was walking under my leg and towards the open carpet, but then all of a sudden I couldn't see him anymore. I didn't want to make a sudden move and squish him, and I had the camera...
  18. STUTFL

    New owner, slightly used gecko

    Okay, so I have a gecko. I used to own small, furry mammals so my knowledge of The Cold-Blooded Ones is limited, at best. Luckily, I'm pretty sure the STUTFL is more leopard than gecko. Anyhow. Before going into any detail about his current setup (admittedly not the best), I'd better let...