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  1. RichsBallPythons

    TRADE Samsung Lotus UltraBook Series 5

    No Longer Available for trade
  2. RichsBallPythons


    Bought Brand New Jan $75 Picked up $80 shipped Paypal accepted
  3. RichsBallPythons

    Shipping Labels In accordance to Federal Law

    Reptile Shipping Labels. In accordance to the Federal Law 420 Self Adhesive Labels Each one States Live Harmless Reptile Species & Qty Quick And Easy peel-stick to mark boxes for any species. Makes for abiding by the laws easy and neat. $40 Shipped USPS First Class Mail $42...
  4. RichsBallPythons

    RBP Gut Load Chow

    This is a Personal Mixture of ingredients I came up with over the past couple years when I was breeding Crickets and Dubias. The Chow was a hit with them, as the Dubias chowed it down once they realized it was food. With the combination of Water Crystals, fruits,veggies they grew very well and...
  5. RichsBallPythons

    Getting out of Snakes Sale

    1.0 '12 Spinnerblast In Auction CLICK HERE 1.1 '12 Savannah $950F/ 550M Shipped 0.1 '12 Orange Ghost $350 Shipped 0.1 '12 Dinker Banded Normal $115 Shipped 0.1 '12 Normal Boa(Gorgeous) $170 Shipped Ship FedEx Priority Held for Pickup at local FedEx Center . All Payments are In...
  6. RichsBallPythons

    2012 Available Morphs

    2012 Male Spinnerblast(pin-spider-pastel) DOB 8-10-2012 Not Eaten Will need few meals Before Ready $1200 Shipped 25% Down to hold till ready to ship! 2012 Male Spinner(pin-spider) DOB 8-10-2012 Not Eaten Will need few meals Before Ready $450 Shipped 25% Down to hold till ready to...
  7. RichsBallPythons

    Spinnerblast Clutch

    I wont be keeping them up at this price too long. About 1 week tops, If unsold by first sheds, I will keep them back to feed and sell one by one. 1.0 spinnerblast 1.0 spinner 1.0 pinstripe 0.1 black pastel 0.1 Normal $1700 Shipped Been Getting a lot of Trade offers, But not working...
  8. RichsBallPythons

    Vermiculite & Roach/Cricket Chow

    4.5lbs/73oz Bag of Insect Chow. I used it for my Crickets and Dubias, but can be used for any insect to gut load. $10+ Shipping Fine Coarse Vermiculite 14oz/1gallon $8ea+ Shipping. Via USPS. Larger orders will Ship FedEx Been using this for Many Years works great Holding Moisture...
  9. RichsBallPythons

    2009 Proven Breeder Mojave Female 1800+g

    Female Mojave 2009 Proven Breeder. Laid Eggs Jan 23rd 2012 as first timer 7 perfect eggs. Current weight is 1800+g After laying eggs lil over 2 months ago. I dont have to sell her unless I get a nice trade or my asking price $1600 + Shipping or trade for Champagne female Mystic...
  10. RichsBallPythons

    2009 Proven Pinstripe

    2010 Proven Male Pinstripe, Currently Breeding and off food. Sale Ends Saturday $325 Shipped Message me here or Email me [email protected]
  11. RichsBallPythons

    1.1 Pair Red Phase Children Pythons

    $225 shipped August 2010 Pair of Red Phase Children's Eating Anything you offer, but mostly fed live rat fuzzies every 3-5days Female is on the calm side wheres the male is Cage aggressive. Female
  12. RichsBallPythons

    Bumblebee Female 100% het albino

    Get in on this awesome project. Not many albino bees out there and they are AWESOME. Female hatched october 12 2011. Still needs to shed and eat before she can go. She can be yours for $1800 Shipped Or Trades welcome for Female Phantom Female or male Super Mojave Female Mystic Male super...
  13. RichsBallPythons

    New Scales

    Both Brand New Tested and work great. g,oz,gn,ct,ozt,tl,dwt 500g Scale $20 Shipped 2000g Scale $27 Shipped Scale on right is 500g Scale
  14. RichsBallPythons

    Stainless Steel Feeding Dosing Needles

    Have 4 that are BRAND NEW. Never used them and wont need them. 14g,16g,18g,20g Sizes All 4 for for $60 Shipped Which will come with 4 Syringes 20cc in size Can be used on almost anything to help get eating.
  15. RichsBallPythons

    12x12x12 ABS Display cages

    4 Available made of ABS Plastic. Holds heat and humidity very well, with smooth surface inside for cleaning and textures surface on outside.. Each cage is fitted with 12" Piece of flexwatt soldered to their own plug. $60 each Picked up in SE Michigan
  16. RichsBallPythons

    HC Albino Male

    DOB 9/13/2010 465g eating wean rats every 5 days like clock work I have seen small plugs on this lil guy already $375 Firm shipped Fedex Priority. $300 Firm Picked up Payment- USPS Money Order No Trades If interested PM or email me Video-...
  17. RichsBallPythons

    2009 Male Piebald

    Hes currently off food due to winter/breeding season Last meal was Jan 20th. He has been producing plugs. Eats mainly Mice and ASF Live only. $700 + Shipping FedEx $700 Picked up Text/Email 586 258 9546 Albino NOT FOR SALE...
  18. RichsBallPythons

    Acurite digital Thermometers NEW

    Many I hear can not find these locally and online its hard at times as well. Thought I would help those out as i can get them easily when needed. Unit will read your Cool side, warm side and humidity all in one. Also has Clock setting as well. Price is $15 + Shipping USPS Priority starting...
  19. RichsBallPythons

    VariFlo Rodent Water Valves

    Like title states 80 variflow rodent valves used in working order. $215 shipped priority for all 80 $2.75ea shipped with minimum 10 per order Paypal. [email protected]
  20. RichsBallPythons

    Spyder Robotics Thermostat