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  1. ZNature

    UVB lamp question

    That sounds great! Let us know what happens, it would really be interesting to know if the uvb does benefit them. I’ve got three albino Leo’s lol.
  2. ZNature

    How did you find

    Same! Lol. Then I just found this .
  3. ZNature

    First time gecko owner advice

    There is a channel who has some great advice on leopard gecko care . The channel is “Leopard gecko” on YouTube. And I would just say do a lot of research and if you aren’t sure about something just ask a question on this forum! When I was researching on how to get my Leo I was so confused on so...
  4. ZNature

    UVB lamp question

    I recommend checking out the channel “Leopard gecko” on YouTube. She’s got tons of videos on uvb lighting and proper wattage etc. She also did an experiment with uvb lighting and albino Leo’s too and their reaction to it.
  5. ZNature

    My Leo lost the tip of her tail !

    You said this happened right after she was done shedding so even though it could’ve been some of her cage mates I think the shed probably got caught around her tail and made it fall off. I’ve seen this happen multiple times with Leo’s. Still keep her separated to heal and then if you want to put...
  6. ZNature

    Gecko Advice!

    Hi! I answered your thread previously on your Leo’s wound. I hope he’s doing better. You can try using something like a popsicle stick to gently open his mouth or try to gently wrap him in a small towel to hold him still for him to receive medication. You can also try distracting him with food.
  7. ZNature

    Leopard gecko waste smells awful! Is this normal?

    I also didn’t feed her yesterday because she was shedding.
  8. ZNature

    Leopard gecko waste smells awful! Is this normal?

    Yep she is definitely around 36 grams. I just weighed her again and took a pic. She’s pretty squirmy so I put her in a container. She was fed crickets only so there is a good chance that she is adjusting to the new foods I’m giving her. So far she’s had some super worms and crickets and I’m...
  9. ZNature

    Pac-Man frog not eating

    I also wanted to ask you what substrate you use for your pacman frog? I really want to go bioactive and put some ferns in her tank but I don’t know what substrate works best and if I should give her a drainage layer. I was thinking organic topsoil mixed with spaghnum moss and eco earth.
  10. ZNature

    Leopard gecko waste smells awful! Is this normal?

    Hi! I just took in a leopard gecko who somebody didn’t have the time for anymore. Her setup was pretty bad and super dirty but I cleaned it up and got her a new setup. I have three other leopard geckos and I can barely smell their waste but this geckos waste smells awful. It looks completely...
  11. ZNature

    My geckos tail! Help please

    When he shed the shed probably got caught around that part of his tail and cut off circulation. This even happened to one of my leopard geckos from his previous home. That part gets necrotic, dries up, and falls off. Then he will regrow that part of his tail. The new tail won’t look terrible but...
  12. ZNature

    Pooping in cool hide

    They really will poop anywhere they want. They will pick a spot and always go back to that spot to use the bathroom. One of my leopard geckos poops on his hammock in his tank and another poops in her water bowl!
  13. ZNature

    Is heavy use of foggers (ultrasonic humidifiers) safe? (Plus any general tips/tricks, if you have them)

    That’s a beautiful tank! My recommendation is to maybe switch from a fogger to a mister. There are misters specifically designed for reptiles. The droplets from misters are not small enough for the geckos to inhale. That way you don’t have to worry about water getting into their lungs. I’ve...
  14. ZNature

    Is Syngonium podophyllum toxic to reptiles?

    Ok thanks so much!
  15. ZNature

    Wondering how long it takes for leopard geckos to grow

    It’s been awhile now and she is still around 33 grams so she hasn't grown at all. I think she is stunted from her previous home. When she was a baby she was kept with an adult Leo and that one probably got all the food. Plus they were only fed a bit of mealworms once in a while( none were dusted...
  16. ZNature

    Pac-Man frog not eating

    I think she may be pooping but you don’t see it? I know my Pac-Man frogs poop blends in very well with the substrate (eco earth and spaghnum moss).
  17. ZNature

    Pac-Man frog not eating

    Yeah I’ve never heard of that happening before. Very strange.
  18. ZNature

    Pac-Man frog not eating

    This could be impaction. I’ve heard a warm bath with a drop of honey can help. But yes a vet may be needed soon.
  19. ZNature

    Pac-Man frog not eating

    I have a Pac-Man frog and she also didn’t want to eat for about a month. It turns out she didn’t want to be tong fed anymore and she wanted to hunt the insect on her own. Crickets were her favorite because they move fast and she liked the challenge. If she hasn’t eaten yet you may want to see an...
  20. ZNature

    Leopard Gecko Wound!

    Try Neosporin WITHOUT pain killer. Only put a little bit. You can also try a betadine(povidone iodine) solution. You can put the betadine in water and soak her in it or you can get a betadine cream. There is also a medication on Amazon called veterycin plus for reptiles that may work. Lastly...