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    Get a Storeria dekayi (Dekay's Brownsnake or Brown snake). They eat earthworms. You can catch them since you live in Ontario. And I thought of something today. I know there are people who feed animals for the entertainment of watching them suffer but it doesn't make you any better if you...
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    IMO it is okay to feed snakes live rats or mice. I mean, frozen is better for both the animals( snake safer from harm and rat/mouse dies painlessly) but in the wild, the snake needs to survive too right? It's the circle of life AND the food chain. I find it not fair that animals like cows and...
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    RIP Ollie

    I'm sorry for your loss! I agree GC! We bond with them and consider them part of our family. It is hard to lose loved ones.
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    ID This Spider?

    Never even heard of it LOL
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    My Ag-Yard is full of surprises.

    Small pic LOL But my cousin saw a five lined skink once and then it darted away... he's lucky being allowed to camp in those places. Five Lined Skinks are endangered here I think( there are 2 types here I believe and one of them are endangered). They're also the only type of lizard in Ontario
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    HSUS/PETA is behind all of the reptile ban legislation.

    Why do that? That's a waste of money.
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    HSUS/PETA is behind all of the reptile ban legislation.

    Is this the same with the Humane Society of Canada?
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    ID This Spider?

    pet spider xD
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    My fish tanks - Not sure I ever shared these

    What boyfriends? And about the cories swimming upsidedown and eating I used to have 2 plecos that used to do that... I miss them. My cory is getting used to me( had 2 but one died the night I got it and this one is doing really well). I know they are schooling so I plan on getting more( and all...
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    Anyone going to toronto reptile expo comming up??

    This thread is kinda old and dead but they are gonna have a fish and reptile auction!!!!!
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    My fish tanks - Not sure I ever shared these

    And clown loaches grow big
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    My only furry one

    How much do they usually cost? I've wanted them for a while
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    The Least of my worries.

    Hillstream loaches? Me die of extreme jealousy. I want one or 2 or 3 hehe but since they prefer cooler temps compared to my fish... I can't have anymore fishy tanks too. Life sucks but at least I have one!( my optimism)
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    Argus Monitor

    She's so beautiful! How big is her home?
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    LOL Nice tank! My gecko used to look at my aquarium until I moved his tank.
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    Mixing Toad Species?

    I wouldn't mix.
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    My best friend..

    OMG! So cute! Do you have pics of the lump? I would like to see it. I'm so sorry for your loss. It hurts to lose a family member.
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    Baby Chipmunk:

    Yea that would be the best idea since they know what to do( I expect that they do).
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    Mixing Toad Species?

    Dunno. How big is the enclosure?
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    dying inside never wanted to post here

    I'm sorry for your loss! When we bond with our animals we have a hard time letting go but one day you'll see him again. It may feel like forever but you won't regret waiting.