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    Python Ban Sign Here!!/petition/overturn-python-ban/4wGFbc4Y
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    Best Hamster Cage

    I was wondering what the best cage for a hamster was. Any suggestions?
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    RIP MuEe

    Today my mom told me that MuEe died. He was a kitty when my grandmother found him on the streets. He died at age 19/20 years. I know that's old but it's not old enough for me. MuEe was a friendly cat. He loved to eat and stick close to people. We all thought he would live past his twenties...
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    Mourning geckos

    Does anyone have any experience with them? I'm considering them. Here are my questions: 1. What is the highest and lowest temperature they can live at? 2. If I use cocofibre as substrate can I put springtails in it?<-- and some plants 3. Can I plant grass in it?( no pesticides or...
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    Justin Bieber Auctions Off His Boa I know its for a good cause but I hate it when people keep an animal for a while and then decide to give it away. I understand if the person can't afford the animal or doesn't have the time...
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    My Chilean Rose Hair

    My cousin gave him to me.:) Any name suggestions?
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    Chilean Rose Hairs

    I have a few questions about them. First, what type of water should I use? Is tap water okay or should I use bottled? What are some good staple diets for them? Can I use pheonix worms? Do I have to dust their foods?If so, with how much and how often(I don't think my cousin dusts the feeders)...
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    Symtoms of a cold in cats?

    What are the symptoms of a cold in a cat? I'm just curious.
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    Responsible pet owners

    I have a cat that I love more than anything in this whole universe. We missed a vet appointmen( I thought it was in November). I asked my parents to re-schedule an appointment but my dad said " We can't afford it, he already got his shots." blah blah blah I dont care if " we can't afford it"...
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    Halloween Crabs

    My cousin's halloween crab moulted and 5 legs fell off! What happens? Will they grow back or is it gonna die?
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    Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo

    Anyone going?
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    Man bites snake
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    Aren't iguanas aggressive??? What's up with this? Is it an unhealthy iguana?:main_huh::main_huh: This also shows what a pitbull really is like.:)
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    Temperature for cresties

    :computer:I'm wondering how high the temperature can be because some sites say the highest is 80 and others 85.:main_huh:
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    fire skink questions

    If I get a fire skink, what( how much) should I feed it in one sitting? Some sites say that they often reject nonliving prey like veggies and fruits so do they have to eat veggies and fruits? What time of the day should I give him/her food? Also how many hours later should I remove the...
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    Stocking 100 gallon

    I might upgrade my 29 gallon to a 100 gallon but I don't know what I should put in it. Right now I have: 4 glass catfish 3 glowlight tetras 1 pleco I'm planning to get: 1 Zebra pleco 1 female beta fish 5 glowlight tetras 4 glass catfish 8 black neon tetras What other community...
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    Minimum space for a crestie

    Some places say the minimum for an adult is 20 high while others say a 10 gal isgood enough. Which is right? I think 20 high.:main_huh:
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    Show in Toronto

    There's a show in Toronto coming up!:main_yes: Anyone going?:main_huh::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D( I get excited for every show I go to)