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  1. Slice of the Jungle

    1.0 Underwoodisaurus milli Barking Gecko

    For sale or trade 1.0 Underwoodisaurus milli, this young male barking gecko was produced by Steve Barker of BC Barker Creations. I'm offering him for $175, shipping included, or he can be picked up in the New York City area, or at the White Plains Reptile Expo. Please send questions to Tim at...
  2. Slice of the Jungle

    John Scarbrough $50 Credit Gecko Nation Radio

    We are trying out a new contest format, post here for a chance to win a $50 credit to GeckoBoa Reptiles owned by John Scarbrough, We are live now listen in! Morph refining and evolution with John Scarbrough of Gecko Boa Reptiles 09/14 by Gecko Nation Radio | Pets Podcasts
  3. Slice of the Jungle

    Long Island Expo Nov. 12

    The 22nd Long Island Herpetological Society Annual Expo is one week away. It is always a good time and has a judged reptile show. There will be breeders and dry goods as always and an added herp swap meet. The swap meet is open to all attendees for trading (no sales) herps. It will be limited to...
  4. Slice of the Jungle

    Amelanistic Oedura castelnaui hatchlings

    Amelanistic Oedura castelnaui (velvet gecko) hatchlings, a very cool, hardy species to work with, that can be vocal. I acquired a breeding group from several different breeders to try to get some varied genes. I produced several aberrant hatchlings this year which I am holding back. The rest are...
  5. Slice of the Jungle

    Hudson Valley Reptile Expo 9/25 C.variegatus O.castelnaui

    We will have 11' Banded geckos from our Clark County, NV locale (these have been called hypos or white hypos, I believe that they have an axanthic appearance) breeding project and 11' Amel O.castelnaui hatchlings.
  6. Slice of the Jungle

    Hudson Valley Reptile Expo- Leopards

    We will have a 10' female Striped Leopard, 10' Tangerine Enigma both het for Tremper Albino and some of their 11' offspring. We will also have some 11' high yellow, normal leopards (not het for anything).
  7. Slice of the Jungle

    Hudson Valley Reptile Expo 9/25 Poughkeepsie, NY

    expo sorry I missed you, Rob... make sure Mark or Jen add your site to the vender list on, right now they only have your email address.
  8. Slice of the Jungle

    Hudson Valley Reptile Expo 9/25 Poughkeepsie, NY

    Hello Gecko Forums users, Sunday 9/25 is the second Hudson Valley Reptile Expo, the first show was good but I'm sure this one will be bigger and better. There will be several gecko breeders with tables at the show including Luxurious Leopards, Leapin' Leachies, Azo Reptiles, Granite State...