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  1. GeckoStud

    Getting out of geckos collection sale...

    Unfortunately my wife and I have decided to get out of geckos. With our work and scholastic schedules we just do not have the time or money necessary to keep up with them all. So we have decided that if we cannot afford the time needed for these awesome animals and projects that someone else...
  2. GeckoStud

    Rhacs for Fatties

    I am getting out of my rhacs and am going to focus completely on fat tail geckos. So I decided to try and trade the few rhacs I have left for your fat tails. I have 3 gargoyle geckos, all unsexed. I also have 2 unsexed crested geckos as well. I am looking for just about anything as far as...
  3. GeckoStud

    2 free leopard geckos to a good home in the Pittsburgh Area

    My wife and I have decided to focus totally on fat tail geckos at this point and need to make room. I have 2 leopard geckos that I would like to give to a caring home. One is a female tangerine and the other is a male rain water. The male had some mbd problems when he was young and is a...
  4. GeckoStud


    WHY??!?! Why are people such indecisive and last minute arse holes! Our current roommate is moving out over the summer, which is fine this has been set in stone for a while. So a friend of mine is supposed to take his place, this has also been set in stone for about a month and a half. I get...
  5. GeckoStud

    Red Harley Inkspot Male and Dalmation Female.

    Red Harley male with some nice ink spots for sale and a nicely speckled dalmatian female. Both have been bred to each other and are proven breeders. I can get pics of some of their offspring if desired. The male is 170 plus shipping OBO The female is 100 plus shipping OBO Take the pair for...
  6. GeckoStud

    Hamburg, PA show 4/30

    Who all is going out to the Hamburg show on the 30th? I'll be going to get some long awaited animals from Pat and will also be bringing some gargoyles along with me to sell or trade as well. I have a feeling its gonna be a great show!
  7. GeckoStud

    A hold back and a mystery. Thoughts?

    Hey guys I wanted to post one of the cresteds we are deciding to hold onto from our hatchlings this year. He/she came from a red harley inkspot male mated to a super dalmatian female. I'll post pics of the parents later. The photo really does him no justice, he has nice patterning on his...
  8. GeckoStud

    Gargoyles for sale.

    Hey everybody I have a group of 6 gargoyle geckos I am going to be selling. All of them are young, about 4-10 grams. I am looking to sell for local pickup only in and around the Pittsuburgh and Altoona Pennsylvania areas. All geckos will be between $50-$65 depending on pattern. I am willing...
  9. GeckoStud

    Any pointers for Tennessee Herping?

    My fiance and I are going to be doing some camping at Warrior State Park during our spring break this year and figured we might go do some herping. I'm from Pennsylvania so I am not familiar with the area at all and was just wondering if anyone here would have any pointers for some good...
  10. GeckoStud

    "Larger" options, any suggestions?

    Hello all, I recently acquired a large colony of dubia roaches for our masses of fat tails, leos, cresteds, and gargoyles. So far the roach colony is still in the starting stages and isn't a problem yet. I did however encounter a dilemma. The adult roaches are too large for 95+% of my geckos...
  11. GeckoStud

    Could you guys give me a hand?

    I have to do an "ethnography" report for my Anthropology class. I decided to do a paper on the subculture of herpetoculture and I need some people that would be willing to be interviewed. I am only asking 11 questions and you can answer them in as little or as much detail as you would like...
  12. GeckoStud

    Funny video of one of our cresteds. We caught him in the act a little too late, he had been doing it for a few minutes but by the time we got our camera he had figured out what to do shortly after haha.
  13. GeckoStud

    Northern Berks Show Nov 20th

    Who all is heading out to Reading for the Northern Berks show next weekend? I'll be there for sure :main_thumbsup:.
  14. GeckoStud

    Trade My Wii for your geckos.

    I'm looking to trade my Nintendo Wii console which comes with everything the wii needs to operate, 2 recharchable wii motes, 2 battery powered wii motes, 2 nun chuck attachments, and the games wii sports, and wii play. The wii works great and has barely been played. Figured someone else might...
  15. GeckoStud

    Woohoo! The gargs are finally here!

    Well after some shipping mishaps with UPS, our 10 new gargoyles finally arrived today via FEDEX, because at least they partially know what they're doing. Even though the Fedex driver just dropped the package and by the time we answered the door he was already back in his truck and driving...
  16. GeckoStud

    Little harley hatchling

    Hatchling number 3, already showing some cool pattern and only a week old :). Also his clutchmate appears to be a red bicolor as of now, but we all know how much this little buggers change as they grow. But boy am I excited to see what this one will turn into.
  17. GeckoStud

    Finally getting some gargs!

    After years of wanting them my fiance and I are finally getting a group of gargoyles :D. We got a lot of 10 coming one weds. I will post pics later. I'm so excited!!!
  18. GeckoStud

    Yay first crested gecko hatchling! Pics to come!

    My fiance went up to check our incubator tonight for its daily peek and low and behold our first baby crested is sticking to the side of our S.I.M. container!!! :D Hopefully his/her sibling will hatch shortly as well :D I'll post pics in a while after we get her situated and settled.
  19. GeckoStud

    Wonderful Cat in need of a loving home.

    My fiance Emily and I took in a stray cat on our way home from work one night. We had originally planned to keep her but sadly cannot afford her. Still we managed to get her off the street a keep her from becoming road pizza. We did find her a temporary foster parent but she really deserves a...
  20. GeckoStud

    Egg survival rates?

    I know there are already a few threads on eggs but none of them have really answered what I am looking for. We have had total failure with all of our fat tail eggs so far. And I mean failure within 1-2 weeks or even a few days not over a period of weeks. I want to know what are your success...