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    Lavender Stripe Gem Snow Female???

    Lavender Stripe Gem Snow Female????, Was sold to me young as male, and I was not incredibly good at sexing (haha please do not laugh at me for that) But when I look now I do not see a hemipenal bulge or pores. I can take "parts" pictures for you upon request. This beauty is from PAC Herps...
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    Lavender Stripe Gem Snow Female

    Virgin Gem Snow Female, ready to breed. from PAC Herps blood lines, was informed by breeder (Wild West Reptile) that he did not cross the line into anything else and kept it pure Gem Snow. She is a LOOKER!!! $200.00
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    Feeder costs

    I spend on average 100-150 per month, sometimes more---sometimes a little less depending on season and so forth. I really like variety so I often will get Phoenix worms for the ones that will eat them. Sometimes I spend extra when I buy horns or butter worms so that can take it up to over 250 a...
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    Breeder Bashing: Why I Think Their Ethics Are Unethical

    I agree that responsible breeding does mean having the resources to care for them, including medications, veterinarian visits and food and most importantly somewhere for them to live (if you lose your housing then what becomes of these creatures you have purchased and brought into this world?)...
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    Breeder Bashing: Why I Think Their Ethics Are Unethical

    Hello Nynecho, I haven't read all other other threads eluding to your personal situation so I am not even going to touch on that, as I feel that it is not germane to this topic. That is a separate issue altogether. What I can tell you, is that many people will start off buying "pet...