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  1. Roaming Reptiles

    Man Eating Super Snake!
  2. Roaming Reptiles

    Fauna For The Future

    We have started a new club here in Bakersfield. Come by our page and "like" us. We are doing some really cool things in the community and educating the public about these awesome creatures.
  3. Roaming Reptiles

    Ball Pythons

    2.0 Normals $25 0.5 Normals $35 2.0 Mojave Spiders $500 1.0 Spider $150 1.0 Pastel $75 1.0 Mojave $125 0.1 Super Mojave $900 1.0 Mojave Bee $1100 You can see photos of them on our FB page. Roaming Reptiles | Facebook Call or text and I can...
  4. Roaming Reptiles

    Vedder the newest show animal.

  5. Roaming Reptiles

    My new bloods

    Here is our new additions. Both are het albino. Male Female
  6. Roaming Reptiles

    Fauna For The Future

    Our mission is to educate and develop the intellect of students across America about the reptiles and amphibians of the world by offering them live interactive experiences with animals. Our purpose is to add diversity to the classroom while enhancing the student's perception and appreciation for...
  7. Roaming Reptiles

    Would you like

    a free Red Tegu?? Go to our FB page and "like" us. Take a guess when the first one hatches and you could win one. They were laid on June 13th. The contest is in the notes section. Good luck and Happy guessing!
  8. Roaming Reptiles

    Would you like

    A free Red Tegu??? Come "Like" our page and take a guess on how many eggs she will lay.
  9. Roaming Reptiles

    Car show & Reptiles

    We had a booth at a local car show here. We had everyone wanting to see the animals. Here are a few photos.
  10. Roaming Reptiles

    Love getting a box in the morning!

    FireFly Champagne
  11. Roaming Reptiles

    Pastel YB Male

    Eating F/T rats. Proven Breeder. $400 + Shipping Email me at [email protected] or call 661-204-4372
  12. Roaming Reptiles

    Just a little...

    Pastel Clown girl!
  13. Roaming Reptiles

    Argus Monitor

    We rescued this girl. We are working with her to calm her down. The owner before us didnt work with her at all.
  14. Roaming Reptiles

    Roaming Reptiles

    Come by our FB page and see what we are about. We are having a blast doing the shows for everyone.
  15. Roaming Reptiles

    Ahhh! Did you see that!

  16. Roaming Reptiles

    My little man eaters!

    This is Sally our Granite. She is around 14 ft and 100 lbs. This is her boy-toy Newman. He is an albino granite. He is around 6 ft
  17. Roaming Reptiles

    Our Red Tegu!

  18. Roaming Reptiles

    Feed Me!!

    Here is our 4 pound pixie Francis!
  19. Roaming Reptiles

    Did a radio interview

    Had a great time! Hope you enjoy it!
  20. Roaming Reptiles

    In the news!

    We did a spot on our local news this morning! Had a blast! Besure and watch the weather report. News spot Weather report