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  1. Josh

    Suggestions for leopard gecko terrarium re-vamp

    Welcome to the Forum! I like the foam idea so much but I haven't done it yet myself. I like the idea of being able to make tunnels and stuff. It does seem like a really hard material to work with though. Like it looks like it would get everywhere
  2. Josh


    Looks like she may be a little young but looks like a female to me. I dunno
  3. Josh

    Help! My geckos tail won't heal

    Hopefully the pic on the left is the now pic and not the other...Neosporin can help but if your vet gave you directions, follow those. Keep it clean and dry.
  4. Josh

    AFT gecko tail wound

    Yeah that doesn't look quite right. Might want to even move him onto paper towels to keep it clean while it heals.
  5. Josh

    Hey everybody!

  6. Josh

    Loki - Blizzard growing & turning yellow?!?!?

    Wow what a beautiful lizard! Pretty cool that you're documenting the color changing. I wonder if any patterns will emerge.
  7. Josh

    Glass Surfing out of control and loss of appetite

    What size enclosure is he in? How's his poops? Any other abnormalities or symptoms? He looks healthy. While the surfing is stressful for you and maybe a little for him it is a good sign of physical activity. That means he's healthy.
  8. Josh

    Leopard Gecko Poop Question

    No reason for concern yet. Maybe a warm bath to help get things moving but this sounds normal.
  9. Josh

    Leopard gecko Loss of appetite ,itching, and lethargy

    Hey just wondering if there was an update @Shiidreams
  10. Josh

    What is happening to my leo?

    Give him a little soak. Should be fine just some weird shed.
  11. Josh

    Leopard gecko Loss of appetite ,itching, and lethargy

    Are you able to share any photos of him?
  12. Josh

    Waterfall in tank

    You could put a waterfall in as long as caleb is protected from drowning. Make sure she can easily escape the water. With that being said this isn't something I'd generally recommend for a beginner gecko keeper. it's hard to clean. Difficult to maintain and an additional risk for your gecko
  13. Josh

    Need help with morph

    Welcome to the forum! He is very gorgeous! Not sure on the morphs sorry
  14. Josh

    Heating issue

    Hey - we're all trying our best aren't we
  15. Josh

    Heating issue

    Yeah I'd say that's safe enough!
  16. Josh

    Heating issue

    Hello and welcome to the forum! add an extra layer between them and the pad. there should already be glass but maybe add a tile or a sheet of cardboard or something to keep them from getting too hot.
  17. Josh

    New gecko only urated.

    Yup totally normal. Welcome to the forum @hunterhouck !
  18. Josh

    Gecko morph

    hard to tell the colors because of the lighting i think. Any others photos you can also share?
  19. Josh

    My two leopard geckos won't breed

    Smell won't be an issue. Genetic problems can arise from breeding siblings together. It's called inbreeding.
  20. Josh

    My two leopard geckos won't breed

    If they are siblings it's not a good idea to breed them together. And yes you will probably get a stronger breeding response if they are housed separately.