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  1. Gary Orner

    Lets show some older pics

    Just a few geckos from the past. I will get some shots of new stuff soon
  2. Gary Orner

    Hello from Houston

    Welcome Back!!!
  3. Gary Orner

    New Suggestions for 2019!

    Here is my thoughts. I am truly back to help so I will try to be here daily. Just matters if an expo is going on and what not. 1) Look at the google ad words advertisement. They rarely have anything to do with geckos and they are an eye sore. If you can have them on for non registered users it...
  4. Gary Orner

    Whole-shell scute shed?

    Not normal but not something that has not happened before in the hobby. Very very cool!
  5. Gary Orner

    Funky Electric

    This is a cool gecko.
  6. Gary Orner

    If at first you don't succeed...

    If it does not take I would say it is the male.
  7. Gary Orner

    Myself, Orner Exotics

    All my W/Y bell Stuff, Sunset stuff, Side Effect Project, gone...…..
  8. Gary Orner

    Myself, Orner Exotics

    Thermostat broke on one rack and over heated. Started a fire..... Lost a wall to that and most of another. I kept a few that made it for a month or two and then gave them away. Always listen to the error codes even when everyone says that theirs does it and it is fine. I will never use a...
  9. Gary Orner

    If at first you don't succeed...

    It is hard to tell in the picture. I do see the pink hue though. Has the male that bred her produced with another female?
  10. Gary Orner

    Leopard geckos laid egg need help

    I have had eggs roll at 20 days and even 50 days. And they have hatched. I have seen breeders roll eggs on a table. I think Leos are set up a bit different as they will lay their eggs in the same spot in the wild. And as we know will lay about every two weeks. So the females digging will not...
  11. Gary Orner

    Is this even possible? *genetics discussion*

    Hypo is a polly gene, So you will get them at random even when the parents do not show the trait. Hypo has also been known to work like a DOM trait. Same as the tangs. You can have two parents that are not very orange toss out a nice tang baby
  12. Gary Orner

    Help sexing my gecko?

  13. Gary Orner

    Geckos and Mold

    I will contact my good friend Gillian from Rainbow Mealworms and see if she can give some thoughts on to prevent the molding
  14. Gary Orner

    Myself, Orner Exotics

    Hello, It has been awhile. I lost my collection years back and it was hard for me to rebound at the time. I really did not come out about it until recently when I returned. But anyways, I am here and I will do my best to add to the forums. Lets see if we can turn things around here
  15. Gary Orner

    Breeder Bashing: Why I Think Their Ethics Are Unethical

    I have been asked to post here. I have written a post 4 times now for this thread. I am going to write another tomorrow night and post it in the mod area to get my peers opinions. As people know..... I have been hit with the Het tremper/Bell thing. It ruined a lot for more then one person...
  16. Gary Orner

    Bell, Tremper, Rainwater OH MY

    ID 14-10 Atomic 66% Het Rainwater/Eclipse Incubated Female 8 Grams $200.00 THIS THING IS INSANE! ID 14-11 Atomic Typhoon Incubated Female 8 Grams $375.00 Plus Shipping. This might get held back! NICE!!!! ID 14-3 Atomic Typhoon Male 16 Grams $375.00 Plus...
  17. Gary Orner

    What is reptiles all about? I will show you.

    It is not who has what..... It is not who is cooler then another... it is not who breeds what. It is not about who makes more money. It is not about who does this or that. It is in this pic. Sam a good friend shows my two children an gator. My kids loved it. They had the day of all days...
  18. Gary Orner

    make it burn

    I use to have a very large venomous collection. I mean large. But now I no longer keep hots but I getthe inch from time to time. Scratch my back a bit and post your hots