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  1. Geckos4Life<3

    Egg bound?

    My bearded dragon, Minty is three years old. She lives with another girl who is definitely a little more dominant. The other girl Gina, used to do a lot of head bobbing and nips on Minty's neck - though never cut her. Funny, as I just typed this Minty just done some head bobbing towards Gina...
  2. Geckos4Life<3

    Low White Pied

    :D :D :D I love him!!! Sent from my iPhone 4S using Tapatalk
  3. Geckos4Life<3

    My two Girls!! <3

    Minty!!! My pretty girl!!! My first lizard :D she's in shed though in this pic - her head, back and tummy is in shed :( Gina!!! My other pretty girl!! Awwww :D big smile!! Press-ups?? Awwwwwwekkkkkkk :') --- I am here:,-5.540486 Sent...
  4. Geckos4Life<3

    Pics of remaining hatchlings =)

    1 little Mojave 1 little Pastel 1 little Bumblebee - He has this weird pattern (the exact same) on both sides near the end of his tail - just were his tail curls in the pic the cool pattern is lol 1 Little Normal 2 little Mojave 2 little Normal - love the faded horse shoe on his/her...