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  1. Gary Orner

    Lets show some older pics

    Just a few geckos from the past. I will get some shots of new stuff soon
  2. Gary Orner

    Myself, Orner Exotics

    Hello, It has been awhile. I lost my collection years back and it was hard for me to rebound at the time. I really did not come out about it until recently when I returned. But anyways, I am here and I will do my best to add to the forums. Lets see if we can turn things around here
  3. Gary Orner

    Bell, Tremper, Rainwater OH MY

    ID 14-10 Atomic 66% Het Rainwater/Eclipse Incubated Female 8 Grams $200.00 THIS THING IS INSANE! ID 14-11 Atomic Typhoon Incubated Female 8 Grams $375.00 Plus Shipping. This might get held back! NICE!!!! ID 14-3 Atomic Typhoon Male 16 Grams $375.00 Plus...
  4. Gary Orner

    What is reptiles all about? I will show you.

    It is not who has what..... It is not who is cooler then another... it is not who breeds what. It is not about who makes more money. It is not about who does this or that. It is in this pic. Sam a good friend shows my two children an gator. My kids loved it. They had the day of all days...
  5. Gary Orner

    make it burn

    I use to have a very large venomous collection. I mean large. But now I no longer keep hots but I getthe inch from time to time. Scratch my back a bit and post your hots
  6. Gary Orner

    ATOMIC Tangerine 100% Het Rainwater MALES!!!!!

    Ok here is the deal. I cooked these to be female but both ended up male. They are siblings. I am now male heavy in my atomic rain project. My lose is your gain. These have amazing back grounds. Father is an Atomic Rain (Atomic Tangerine Rainwater Albino) Mother is an Atomic Het nothing...
  7. Gary Orner

    W/Y Bell Albino, Atomics and more

    13-138 Super Snow Bell W/Y Female 15.6 Grams $1000.00 Plus Shipping 13-142 Atomic Tangerine Het Rainwater Female 23.4 Grams $150.00 Plus Shipping 13-132 W/Y 100% Het Radar Female 23.2 Grams 300.00 Plus Shipping 13-85 Atomic Tangerine Het Rainwater Male 44.7...
  8. Gary Orner

    One word story! Rules inside

    I use to do this on a football site I owned. It got us through the offseason lol Rules. Post one word to continue the story. So if a person posted The You would post the next word you would like. It could be gecko Then the next person would post the next word of their liking. It...
  9. Gary Orner

    W/Y Bell Stuff and More 10% off for ALL Gecko Forum Members

    13-138 Super Snow Bell W/Y Female 15.6 Grams $1000.00 Plus Shipping 13-171 Mack Snow Bell Albino Het Eclipse Incubated Male 10.4 Grams $175.00 13-85 Atomic Tangerine Het Rainwater Male 44.7 Grams $200.00 Plus Shipping 13-77 Bell Albino W/Y Male 35.7 grams...
  10. Gary Orner

    Atomic Tangerines, Bell Albinos, RADARS

    ID 13-9 Mack Snow RADAR Female 23.7 Grams $500.00 Plus Shipping ID 13-16 Bell Albino Het Eclipse Female 25.9 Grams $100.00 Plus Shipping ID 13-24 Atomic Tangerine Het Rainwater Albino Female 17.7 Grams $175.00 Plus Shipping ID 13-26 Atomic Tangerine Het...
  11. Gary Orner

    Orner Exotics Facebook Page

    I am always posting new pictures and updating. Let me know what you think of the collection and the babies so for for 2013. A lot more to come this year
  12. Gary Orner

    Bell Albino Stuff

    This Little One came from my male radar and snow bell het radar that has also been throwing snow radars with no pattern. I was going to hold her back but I have hatched a few snow radars and have shot at a few more. So this one is up for sale. Very Clean pattern. (ID 13-9) Hatched 2-06-2013...
  13. Gary Orner

    1.2 or 1.3 group of leos

    I have purchased a group of geckos. I will be in the market for more in a couple of months. Thank you to and everyone that emailed me. And Thanks Ohio Gecko! I am looking for a group of leos to start over. I am open to anything but I do have a list of ones I am looking for. I...
  14. Gary Orner

    I need the Gecko Gods to be good to me

    I just got eggs from a special girl that i have been waiting to lay. She gave me two beautiful eggs and I am hoping they turn out what I want them to be. She is a codom snow Tremper poss het raptor and bred to a Raptor. I am wanting her to prove raptor and I get lucky and hit a codom snow...
  15. Gary Orner

    Hey guys and gals have a question.

    Alright Out of the first three eggs fathered by my Super Snow Enigma I have gotten 3 Codom Snow Enigmas. Now the first one was a clutch from a normal female and she only gave me one good egg. The second clutch was from a SHTCT and she gave me two good eggs. I hatched the deformed baby and then...
  16. Gary Orner

    How do you deal with deformed babies?

    I just seen that my newest baby has deformed Eyes. What deos everyone else do if they have a deformed baby. I want to see if he will eat and maybe give him to a person just looking for a pet. That would be sweet. But At the same time This is a nice morph and I would worry a person would try to...
  17. Gary Orner

    Another Codom Snow Enigma! WOW Another hatched out!!!! OH YEAH
  18. Gary Orner

    Video coming soon Codom snow enigma

    I hatched out a codom snow enigma today. The leo gods were looking down on me as the parents are an SSE(Male) and a Normal(female) and she only gave me one good egg in the clutch. I was hoping for a Codom snow enigma and got him! He is to cool. A video will be posted here today. Also My...
  19. Gary Orner

    Well I am in the four leggers now

    So I thought I would post about my geckos. I have a few. I will get pics up I have some video on (my youtube account lol) But anyways at this time I have Males Codom Snow Blizzard het Tremper Albino Super Hypo Raptor (1 Snake eye 1 red eye) Females Codom Snow...
  20. Gary Orner

    New addition to TRR

    Well we have an auction. Not used much as most want a classified. So I went out and got one. It is free. No charge to post ads. No limit to post ads! Post as many as you want. Have fun and let everyone know about it. It could be a...