< 2 inch/ < 5.1 cm amphibians?


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What species of terrestrial amphibians can be regularly found CB/CB&B and don't grow over two inches or so in size?

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Having recently begun to fiddle with the concept of raising 'bio-active' terrariums with various things collected from a good friend's backyard, I've begun my first dive into the venture with a 23.3 x 18.7 x 12.3 in rubbermaid bin, currently filled with ferns, clovers, lichens, fallen leaves, sticks, logs, etc. Basically a little bit of everything that would (and did) occur in a backyard. With that said, it's extremely humid, and I figured a terrestrial amphibian would be a nice 'final touch' to my Backyard in a Box. :D Anyways; with that said, the rubbermaid bin is 23.3 (length) x 18.7 (depth) x 12.3 (width). Being extremely cluttered, I couldn't imagine an animal larger than 1.5-2 inches in length inhabiting said terrarium. I'm not well versed in what species of amphibians exist in the pet trade, (compared to what I know about which reptiles are located where in the pet trade, that is) and the only species I can immediately think of are the various poison dart frogs and the red eye tree frog.

I know those are only two types (well, to be more specific, that's just one species and a family) of amphibians, and there's certainly more out there. I don't really know where to begin my search, so, I ask the better versed in amphibians; where would I want to look for a small & terrestrial amphibian?

Edit: When I say "Red Eye Tree Frog" I'm referring specifically to Agalychnis callidryas.
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It sort of depends on what exactly you have in your bin. Some things may be toxic or harmful to amphibians and reptiles. You might want to stick to what you would find around in your area that are CB. :main_thumbsup: